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Solicit or offer ideas, cheer each other on, ask for or offer data or resources, team up and do a group-authored post or a mini-carnival cluster of posts, find a beta, be a beta ...

I would like to say: I am not at all worried about avoiding duplication, and suggest that nobody else be either.

If eight people do posts on How To Cook Eggs, they will all be different, they will all be right and useful, and each of them will be somebody's absolute most useful and favourite post of the whole carnival.

Carry on!

Date: 2011-12-18 02:07 am (UTC)
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That's a great idea. I use the microwave to deodorize plastic containers and disinfect dishcloths, I will try it for sticky glass pans, though. Heating pots and pans with water to clean them is my stand-by as well. Proteins are the dickens and if they got there by being hot, being hot will get them out. *g* Even with a sink, I usually use a bowl or pan instead—less water and it leaves the sink free.


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