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2012-02-26 02:14 pm

Yoko brought her walrus, there was/Magic in the air

For [personal profile] kd5mdk:

From [personal profile] fairestcat, for the narwhal fans:

and for [personal profile] greendreams:

(both from things could be worse, q.v.

For [profile] benet:

For my Kid the *shudder* Bieber fan:

For the Bujold readers. Kyril Island for civilians:

For the psychokitty fans:

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2012-02-26 03:46 pm

It is possible I have a fever

I have a sore throat and have asked to be brought jello.

I find myself pondering making fruit jello with black tea instead of water. Or with herbal tea.

It feels as if it would taste good, and more grownuppish.

I'll let you all know.
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2012-02-26 05:05 pm

A truly disgusting plan for a mass movement

Santorum: The Idea Of A Separation Of Church And State Makes Me Want To Vomit.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Others, I suggest you check his schedule and prepare and deploy your nausea-inducing signs, tshirts, and bumper stickers.