Date: 2016-03-10 12:14 am (UTC)
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  • Discworld (how to care about making things better while knowing and owning that people are kind of crap, often hurt one another, aren't very noble or empathetic or etc, but that doesn't actually matter or make them less deserving of basic justice and kindness; how to be at peace with the fundamentally futile nature of existence in the long term while valuing effort and creation here and now; how just because something was the right thing to do in Situation X doesn't mean that something that looks like that thing is the right thing to do in Situation Y; how people change; how people can be more than one thing at the same time and neither thing 'cancels out' the other)
    --> there are very definite times that Sir Pterry demonstrates that his personal social position leaves him with Blind Spots (my go-to example is Tawnee and his apparent lack of awareness of how terrifyingly vulnerable and at risk she is). Cf your note on luminous and flawed

    CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters --> there are so many qualifiers on this one, starting with "so not my god" and following into CSL's total . . . I don't even know what to call his ignorance about women, but there are some fundamental things about people in it that I think are so, so important and that he saw very clearly - his contrast of "unselfishness" with actual generosity, his observations on self-deception and the self-serving ways that we get involved in things like causes that aren't about actually helping so much as they're about our egoes and our damage and how to watch for that.

    I feel like there should be more here. *SCOWL*

    Ugh I'll think later.
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