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Brazen Femme (For the femme, but also for the sexwork and the intersectionality, and for finally finding some writing that centred femme as an identity in and of itself rather than something that only existed in relation to butch. It does get described as "a bit performance arty", which is not inaccurate).

(Also, if you look under "lesbian" at the Arsenal Pulp site, you will find a LOT of good stuff, including: I am a Red Dress, How Poetry Saved My Life (and all of Amber Dawn's other work, for that matter), and Dirty River)

Sex Change, Social Change

Whipping Girl

Fem(me): Feminists, Lesbians, & Bad Girls and A Woman Like That more because they were the first Gay Lady books I ever bought, and it took me years to get up the guts to take them off the shelf and bring them home.

Stone Butch Blues (not so much for me, but for a lot of the trans folks I know)

Inward Towards the Bones (this is, effectively, Georgia O'Keefe/Emily Carr femslash in poetry form)

Longing At Least Is Constant (Bi-Poly-Femme poetry by Kathryn Payne - yes, the obnoxious one in Raynedaze's poetry class a zillion years ago. I carried that book around like a talisman during my divorce. It was like I could finally see my own face).
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