A kitchen gadget, and recent reading

Feb. 26th, 2017 04:06 pm
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This gadget sounds really useful!  I have a coconut scraper made like a small stool, with the scratching part sticking out one side.  This is fun (in a mild way) but the sharp teeth sticking out at shin level aren't the best plan for kitchen furniture.  A bench-mounted, relocatable, had-whirled scraper sounds just the ticket!

I've been reading quite a bit, here and there -
  • reading the book Nation by Terry Pratchett, and thinking (so far, three chapters in) that it's very good, but erratic and a bit patchy.
  • have read the book Olive, by Mrs Craik, which interesting as a record of thinking on various matters (women's art being marginalised/suppressed, physical "deformity" cutting a woman out of the marriage market, race, religion) - but is not particularly worth much as a novel.
  • reading The Mad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu, which sketches out much fascinating material, so far, but isn't really catching fire (bad metaphor, in the circumstances).
And beginning to brace myself for March, which is shaping as a pretty full-on month.

This was also a test-post on cross-posting to LJ; it seems to have worked fine.

Hidden Figures

Feb. 26th, 2017 09:16 am
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Tony and I were planning to see this last weekend, but every screening we could get to had sold out by mid-afternoon on Saturday!  So I was a bit more organised this week and got us tickets several days in advance to see the Saturday evening screening at the Arts.

I am so so glad we went to see it.  It's a really great film, with the excitement of SPACE and MATHS and ENGINEERING against the clock, clever use of contemporary footage, heartwarming scenes of family and friendship, dramatically climaxing with John Glenn's flight orbiting the earth and returning safely.  (I spent half the film thinking Chris Evans' looks had gone off a bit, but it turned out John Glenn was being played by a completely different handsome blond man.)  Also, because the film is focused on three black women working as computers for NASA during this period, there is a great deal of matter-of-fact depiction of racism and sexism.  I appreciated that it was so matter-of-fact, that the film is not about Overcoming Racism, it's about Getting Astronauts Into Space, and the racism and the ways in which it made Getting Astronauts Into Space harder is just part of the story.

I also cried a lot, because it is an amazing film, and I have come out with a burning wish to learn more about Dorothy Vaughan, who is shown teaching herself FORTRAN from a textbook, and spoilers )

I'm hoping to take Charles to see it, if I can make the time to do so before it leaves cinemas.

Hold Tight

Feb. 26th, 2017 03:06 am
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“You can’t promise that,” Patrick had told him.

“I can,” Jonny replied in that voice that somehow got them all leaping over the boards in triple overtime, giving it their all.

It's not always easy, sometimes Patrick needs a little help.

Words: 3130, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Every Reason For Letting You Go

Moonlight (2016)

Feb. 26th, 2017 10:20 am
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Thank to everyone who commented on my last post. I don't think I can respond to those comments (work drama is still ongoing) but I really appreciate them, and they were a little ray of light through somewhat difficult days.

Last night I was finally able to see Moonlight (and delighted to know it had a packed screening at a mainstream theater here) and it was so, so wonderful, and I haven't been recording any of the things I've watched and liked lately, so, I'm going to try and break that pattern.

Also - as usual, I'm terrible at reviewing things I like, and I'm happy to say Moonlight isn't exactly esoteric, so I'm basically just going to flail and vomit feels and various thoughts under the cut.

Moonlight )

Daily Happiness

Feb. 26th, 2017 12:37 am
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1. We're supposed to get some more rain the next couple days, but it looks like it's supposed to be mostly at night, which would be nice.

2. It's good to be back at work, but I'm definitely looking forward to my day off on Monday already! I'm so glad I don't have a traditional work week. I know some people really prefer to have two days off in a row, but I'd much rather have my days off split up so that there's not a solid five days of work in a row.

3. Look at this adorable kitten! How is he so cute!?

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Hi, hello! I haven't read my flist in much too long so I will do that next but right now I need to vomit my feelings somewhere about Z Nation because I'm obsessed with it. That's what happens when you're vidding a show.

Z Nation is a post-apocalyptic zombie show that has some intensely dark episodes but is also incredibly goofy and it somehow (mostly) manages to navigate that goofy/dark mix with aplomb. It does this because the characters are grounded in their emotional truth, and they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Roberta Warren is in my top tier of All Time characters. This is her:


But also look at these losers:

And that doesn't even have Sun or Hector, both of who joined in season 3. Or Citizen Z! Or Kaya!

I ended up absorbing Z Nation by doing computer stuff while AHH watched it in the same room until all of a sudden I was invested. I went back and started watching from the beginning and now it sits next to Prison Break in the fannish corner of my heart for "absurd but dearly beloved and actually good shows that I trust not to hurt me." It's a very specific corner of my fannish heart, and these are basically the only two shows there. Hee.

More under here, spoilers for the series )

I need other people in this fandom with me because I still have to finish this Dragon Age fic and cannot be writing stuff right now. Although the show is really gory a LOT of the time so I know it's not for everyone. (But: multiple POC characters! Warren starts out as a sidekick and BECOMES the heroic leader and gets to experience womanpain! Gorgeous lighting! Ridiculous slow-mo!) I hope my vid snares a couple of you. Hee.


Feb. 26th, 2017 01:37 am
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Mats once joked that they could stuff an entire mattress with Carl's shedded feathers; the worst part about the joke is that it's true.

Words: 1284, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Icarus

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Okay, so the front-line names on Initiative 1552 (the anti-LGBT initiative that puts bounties on the heads of trans students) are three women nobody's heard of being particularly active in politics before: Kaeley Triller, Kristi Meritt, and Cassandra Nelson.

But! Guess what: their domain (justwantprivacy dot org) has a non-concealed owner! And that owner is Joseph Backholm of Lynnwood.

Joseph Backholm of Lynnwood is president of the Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW), a long-time right-wing fundamentalist evangelical political group, and a legally-distinct but nonetheless listed affiliate of the Family Research Council, a decades-old anti-LGBT hate group spun off of Focus on the Family for specifically political actions. (You can find FPIW on FRC's state affiliates page here: http://www.frc.org/state-policy-organizations )

FPIW were previously behind Referendum 74, which asked voters to reject our then-recently-passed marriage equality laws.

Joseph Backholm himself used to be with the similarly anti-queer and anti-woman's-rights ADF ("Alliance Defending Freedom," formerly "Alliance Defence Fund"), of Scottsdale, Arizona, which may be best known to larger audiences as supporting law making LGBT people illegal.

They also have ties to anti-LGBT/fundamentalist political groups such as the Pacific Justice Institute, the Thomas More Law Center, the Heritage Foundation, and the (dead?) "ex-gay" group Exodus International. The Heritage Foundation also supports states' rights to make LGBT people illegal.

So if, you know, you thought this was anything other than an attempt to peel off layers of the alliance to weaken the entire coalition so they can pick all of us off one layer at a time? It's not. That's exactly what it is.

Registry Registrant ID: CR212357711
Registrant Name: Joseph Backholm
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 16108 Ash Way
Registrant City: Lynnwood
Registrant State/Province: Washington
Registrant Postal Code: 98036
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4256080242
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: info@fpiw.org
Registry Admin ID: CR212357713

(If you go to Google Maps streetview, you'll find their office, facing the parking lot in back, suite 113.)

good morning, it's 26 february 2017

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:36 pm
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[Posting this a little early to get it done]

White supremacist Steve Bannon brought in Sebastian Gorka to the White House staff. Gorka has extensive ties to anti-Semetic groups back in Hungary. Also in Breitbart alumni, we have a pro-Trump megadonor who is part owner of Breitbart News empire. And Bannon promises daily war against the press and everybody not part of the Trumpian movement.

Fox News has been holding up a convicted felon as some sort of Swedish government security official. He's not. But I doubt that'll sink in - as another story shows, people still mad (at CPAC) over alleged Obama holidays and spending refuse to believe the numbers incurred by Mr. Trump. They just flatly reject the data.

Churches are putting together immigrant protection cells - safe houses, transport networks, etc. A few other immigrant stories, too, including another legal Visa holder ejected at the border.

The White House told DHS to justify Trump's travel ban - their report did the opposite. So it was suppressed, then leaked.

Where is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson? He's been invisible. Particularly to the press.

Kansas is having an intra-Republican fight over the fiscal implosion caused by the polices Trump and Ryan intend to implement nationally. It's blown the budget and job growth fell and is below national averages. Governor Brownback doesn't care and is fighting the hardliner side; they fell three votes short of overriding his veto.

Trump is reportedly going to throw out more anti-environment EOs this coming week; targeting clean water rules, in particular.

This is what passes for a quiet day these days.

It's February 26, 2017; this is the news )

Decent conservatives

Feb. 26th, 2017 05:59 am
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Posted by John Quiggin

Since Trump’s election victory, there’s been a lot of concern trolling (and maybe some genuine concern) that resistance to Trump will alienate decent conservatives who held their noses while voting for Trump, but might be attracted away from him by a suitably respectful presentation of a centre-right Democratic agenda. A notable recent entry is a piece in the New York Times by Sabrina Tavernise, which profiles three such voters, only one of whom has any criticism to make of Trump. The others complain that liberals have been mean to them, but make it pretty clear they would vote for Trump regardless. As is inevitable in such a piece, Jonathan Haidt gets a run – he’s the only expert quoted by name.

A sample of three, along with commentary from a predictable source, doesn’t tell us much. So, what can we say about the strategy of appealing to decent conservatives. A few observations.

  • According to recent polling, while Donald Trump is the most unpopular newly-elected president in polling history, he is the most popular among Republicans, easily beating Ronald Reagan. Republicans and Republican leaners overwhelmingly believe (or say they do) that Trump is trustworthy, caring, well-informed and a good manager. The only favorable quality they are unwilling to ascribe is that of an even temper.
  • During the election campaign, Hillary Clinton relied almost exclusively on the strategy of appealing to decent conservatives. Even her much-criticised remark about deplorables was a clumsy attempt to split the presumed mass of decents from the racist, misogynist alt-right. (While Clinton had moderately progressive economic policies, these were barely mentioned by the press or in her advertising). The result of all this was that Trump attracted virtually the same support among Republicans as did Mitt Romney. It was the failure of any significant number decents to switch to Clinton, rather than large-scale desertions from Democrats, that was crucial factor in Trump’s victory.

None of this should be surprising. Trump is just a logical evolution of the candidates who’ve generated enthusiasm among the Republican base in recent years including Palin in 2008 and a vast crew of not-Romneys in 2012.

I’ve met a reasonable number of US Republicans, and Australian conservatives, and plenty of them are decent enough in their personal lives. But there is no reason to believe that this decency will carry through, in any significant way, into their political choices. If they do, it will most likely require a wholesale conversion, rather than a rejection of Trump in favor of some more tasteful flavor of conservatism.

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Made for Festivids 2016

Fandom: Attack the Block
Music: Invincible by OK Go
Summary: 'When they come to destroy the Earth, they'll have to go through you first.'
Moses, his friends, and the monsters they face.

AO3 | tumblr | youtube | DW

Title: Little Wheel Spin and Spin
Fandom: Strange Empire
Music: Little Wheel Spin and Spin by Buffy Sainte-Marie
Summary: Kat and Janestown.

AO3 | tumblr | youtube | DW


Feb. 25th, 2017 09:10 pm
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I get into this pattern, especially February when my work load becomes a bit extreme. I procrastinate. This entry is definitely an example of how I find little things I guilt myself into doing. This afternoon, I took two hours documenting and writing code for the Dreamwidth project. Tonight I'm reading DW journals as if I had some obligation to constantly stay updated to whoever I subscribe to. Honestly, I do see your posts and skim them on break at work. But I mostly read tech manuals and novels, with a sprinkling of poetry (as much as I can). Then it's off to work again.

I've been working 20 hour weeks. It's an internship -- but keeps me plenty busy.

The rest of my time is dedicated to school.

My patience has worn thin with this school.

School is doing this funny thing. Right now we're learning methods, and instead of teaching us like a normal school should, the class work involves us imitating code and then somehow figuring out what is going on on our own. Then the problem is compounded with late grade assessments. So by the time you're on your next assignment, you've realized you misunderstood a concept. And you need a classmate to help you figure it out.

The instructor says this is normal. But I think it's a simple case of having too many students in class while working on mostly tedious tasks. It's difficult to weed out what is tricky and what is monotonous. Right now I'm being slow -- as I have to redo an assignment simply because I had missed a line of code (and "fixed" it doing what we were told to do earlier).

Tonight I just learned that 100 points was taken off of an assignment because I had failed to add a button to the GUI. This is a single mistake, not a series of mistakes. And thus it shouldn't be 100 points off the assignment. Regardless the method sequence is in tact (just without the button, which has no documentation in the test question), along with the method call. All there, awaiting a well-placed button. Since I'm not familiar with programming software outside of source code, I did not place the button onto the screen. And it appears that I did not do half of the assignment.

Now I look at the English degree I earned in 3 years, the words of encouragements my professors gave me (and they sincerely believe I should be teaching English), and realize that I'm putting too emotional value into this degree. I don't even believe people can be "software experts," especially when all we learn is C# and HTML. Seriously considering going back to the university and earning a math degree part-time, if not a math degree, enough calculus to go into some aspect of engineering.

Regardless with how little time I have, I was able to apply to a local startup (the only of its kind) and did some mental health boosting.

I then processed my options with Amelia today -- as I am now seriously considering dropping out of vocational school for a math degree rather than hopefully wishing that one day I could find the time. Now I think it's more worth the effort.

We'll see what a good night's rest does.
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Especially after the last episode, I feel the need to give a thumbs-up to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. once more -- Season Four has really been firing on all cylinders. Robbie Reyes' arc was a great kick-off; this second half is different but just as intriguing. The show has flaws *coughCoulsonscentralitycough* but continues to surprise and delight me with its major storylines.

I made a STRONG STATEMENT in this little thread on Twitter about AoS. ;) (I know. It's unfortunate to use a microblogging service for macroblogging.)

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Title: Shock To Your System
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Music: Shock To Your System by Tegan & Sara
Summary: Gregorio's chemistry with ladies in general and Percy in particular

AO3 | tumblr | youtube | DW

2/25/17 link roundup

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Activism / Resources (To Do)
* In a chaotic presidency, Civics 101 is giving listeners a reintroduction to how the U.S. government works (Nieman Lab). Civics 101 podcast!

* Interactive Maps: Estimates of Enrollment in ACA Marketplaces and Medicaid Expansion (Kaiser Family Foundation). See also this spreadsheet (linked in the sidebar) that gives % enrolled and # enrolled in each congressional district in the country. Very useful info for calling your congressperson!

News / Analysis (To Read)
* How Voter ID Laws Discriminate (Atlantic)

* First-Ever Tracker Of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Launched (NPR)

* Why Tim Keller, Max Lucado, and Hundreds of Evangelical Leaders Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban (Christianity Today)

* FEC commissioner: 'I will not be silenced' (The Hill)

* Proposal to increase Nevada minimum wage packs hearing rooms across state (Las Vegas Review-Journal).

* One month in, anti-Trump movement shows signs of sustained momentum (Arab News)

* H.R. McMaster Breaks With Administration on Views of Islam (NYT)

* Dismal Voucher Results Surprise Researchers as DeVos Era Begins (NYT)

* Hansen wins, preserves Dems' control of Senate (Delaware Online). There's some more context for the Dem effort in this election here and here (Joe Biden!).
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[personal profile] stardreamer is posting the story "Birthday Surprise," of which the first three (of planned four) chapters are up.  Stan takes Lawrence out for a very special  day.  And night.  :D  As far as I know, this is canon, although it's a bit later in the timeline than what I've been writing so far.

It is just a house, not a home.

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:48 pm
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Tonight, people thought I was part of the show. I didn't intend for that, and it's still how it came out. I don't know if I broke any rules, and I don't regret doing so.

Tonight I'm two-for-two with New York Theatre Workshop productions on getting a drink of wine during the show. First was some champagne during Hadestown, and tonight was a couple of sips and the end of a bottle of South African Chenin Blanc at The Object Lesson.

People thought I was part of the show because when the bottle came out, I said, "Please pass the wine." And the whole theater laughed at the fine joke I'd made. And the main actor laughed, too, saying we'd been in here for minutes and she should have a drink, and shortly after asking if the lady had gotten to try the wine yet. He'd been unearthing memories of his time in France, eating bread and goat cheese and drinking wine, and all those foods were pulled fresh from a box and passed around the audience. Because you can do that, when you're putting on a play.

The Object Lesson is, in and of itself, an object lesson in the full understanding of the nature, constraints, and possibilities inherent within a given medium and the power that comes from embracing all of those: the main theate space was transformed into everyone's waking dream of an attic-garage-basement-back closet storage space, a card catalog, lamps and found objects, boxes upon boxes stacked four and five and six deep from the floor to the ceiling, every one of them containing something - one was labeled "air guitars" and had tennis rackets - with a boat and a bicycle and bolt of chairs and a canoe hanging from the ceiling. The story, such as it was, consisted of one person's examination of a few memories, a handful of moments, and a contemplation on life as it goes from beginning to end. Not much to it, really. But it was the use of space that stood out.

Pulling objects from around the room and out of boxes to create a little living room-type speaking-space. Climbing up the boxes to unearth a traffic light and turning off everything else in the room to let the audience watch it go from red to green to yellow and red and through again. Two audience members on different sides of the theater space each naming objects they'd brought with them, pulled in as part of the show. A strange dinner date with someone else from the audience, tap-dancing in ice skates to make a salad. And finally, channeling the spirit of Harpo Marx to pull a bathroom, an office, and a lifespan from a single small cardboard box. There were some astonishing things done with light and dark, and sound. And space. Because the actor ran around the room, climbed up and down, tossed stuff around, and in some very controlled movements he managed to fold time into itself: being very careful, recording himself and people around him as one half of a conversation, then playing it back to provide both halves at once.

To have that unfold in front of you, the craft and honest trickery of it, was nothing short of amazing.

If you have the ways and means, go see it.

And don't forget to ask to be passed the wine.
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Concrete things done today: I slept until I woke up without an alarm (in practice, I slept badly and not all that late), took an accidental three-hour nap in the afternoon (with weird dreams and some discomfort), watched two episodes of The Good Place (three left), and watched the two episodes it took me to catch up on The 100. Technically those things were all on last night's modest to-do list for the weekend, plus while it's too soon to know if I'll catch what [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose has, at least today it seems clear that he's got another cold, not flu or something. Now if it'll just be (MUCH) easier on him than the one he had recently. >.> And I still hope to not come down with it, but at least I'm not mildly freaked out by the prospect like I am by the thought of flu.

Additional small accomplishments: we cut both cats' claws (hey, I said "small accomplishments") and I put a good dent in my email inbox.

Things I did not do at all: Work. Write. Read fiction. I would've liked to read, but I suspect I would've just fallen asleep again. It's the failure to get any work done that stings, though; I probably needed the day off, but ugh.

I feel like some of the day is unaccounted for, but really I think that's just the amount of time that vanished into clearing out a bunch of links I'd favorited on Twitter, which is in keeping with the sense that my brain never quite engaged today. :/

We have a rainfall warning for tonight, and sometime in the last hour the rain started in earnest; I can hear it on the window, which is pleasant but not as lovely as hearing it on a rooftop (which our place doesn't allow for).

Hopefully it'll wash a ton of snow away. We live on a loop, and the stretch of road linking the loop to the main street beyond is still over a third full of snow, although the drain and fire hydrant are plowed out (and the path carved to them through the snow encroaching on the street is somehow more imposing to me than the snow itself). So walking to and from the bus stop involves basically walking down the middle of the road and hoping no drivers turn off the main street too fast to look and see if anyone's walking there. -_-


Feb. 25th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Kid woke me up, being hungry (hunger has not been a Thing lately, so yay?), so we went and got food. And then we went to the library and ϸey got some more homework done there, so hopefully we can get through everything during school break.

...I really need to figure out if there's a keybinding on the Apple keyboard for ϸ. (thorn) Finding it to copy-pasta from fontbook is a PITA.

Spouse went to sit in the Chevy 'Olt in local dealership. It has a "footrest" for the left foot that is at a bad angle and too close in for his long legs. He was mumbling about how I should go sit in it and see what I thought and I said, "NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are already complaining about it and if we got it, you'd be constantly griping about it and then we'd wind up having to sell it in a few months, and NO WAY." And indeed, after a few more minutes of his leg having stiffened up and now being more crampy, he agreed that the comfort issue made that car a non-starter. So the 'Oltsmobile is a no-go unless the summer 'Olt (the full-electric one) is a lot more comfy.

So I guess maybe he'll be looking at what's on the Subaru lot next. (Or else figure out when to drive down to look at Teslas. -_-)

Havva Quote
The stone slides out about a half-meter from seams that seem to have spontaneously appeared, then begins to rotate upward toward the ceiling. Behind it is a biological structure not unlike the trees outside, with what looks like a humanoid face carved into it; it has large eyes, a broad mouth, and no nose, and a large smooth patch on its forehead that glows faintly, the same hue as the glyphs.
Takal stares for a moment, then says, "It's never a good sign when the walls grow faces." A pause, then, "Not that I've seen it happen before, but it's still not a good sign."
--Starfleet Romulan has opinons on Strange Happenings in the game.

INwatch+Bookwatch )

Dragons under fold )

(no subject)

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:11 pm
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DNC elects Perez, chases away millions more young left-leaning Americans.

That's okay.

The Democratic Socialists of America open our arms in welcome. 🌹
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Guinevere in adaptations! (snowdropsandtigers @ tumblr)

I have a suspicion that this was meant to get me to talk about Angel Coulby’s Guinevere in Merlin, but alas, I’ve never seen a single episode of it. If I ever do, though, that’s who it’ll be for. (In the past I would have said for Guinevere and Morgan, but I…can’t say I’ve been impressed with Katie McGrath’s acting in the few things I’ve seen her in. Unpopular opinion, I know…)

As far as adaptations go, my favorite Guineveres were probably from the movies First Knight (which may not be a particularly good movie or popular as Arthuriana, but Julia Ormond was amazing) and Camelot, and Kim Headlee’s Dawnflight. I thought Phyllis Ann Karr’s depiction of Guinevere in Idylls of the Queen was very interesting, but there we more get a perspective of her through other characters more than she’s actually on page as a character herself.

There’s always been a Madonna/whore complex in approaches to Guenevere in fiction, with Guenevere serving both roles, but the “whore” side of the equation getting an unfair share of the blame for Camelot’s downfall. A lot of Arthuriana fen-hardcore or supercasual-in my general age group having a pretty strong anti-Guenevere stance for some time due to The Mists of Avalon being so anti-Guenevere (because you can’t redeem the reputation and focus on one major female character without also tearing down another?), though that seems to have died down in recent years. While I grew up with Arthuriana adaptations going in and out of my life quite a bit, I didn’t make it to MZB until my late 20s and, well, we’ll say I don’t respect her as a person at all thanks to things that have come up over the years in regards to her and her husband, but do respect how her books brought more focus and depth to female characters in most adaptations in the last 30-odd years, but her stuff wasn’t for me, and leave it at that.

That said, I think most adaptations still don’t really “get” Guinevere, and probably don’t have much interest in doing so, even when they’re sympathetic to her, unless she actually is a central focus.. I’ll give Starz’s Camelot series a nod for trying, even if (through no fault of the actress’s) they didn’t really do a good job with her overall, but the only thing I can truly give that show good credit for is casting Eva Green and Claire Forlani as Morgan and Ygraine, and being the only adaptation I’ve encountered, outside of MZB, to bother to develop and explore Ygraine as a character and her motivations, even if it let me down in the end there to, in regards to her final fate.

Chinese restaurant shorthand, part 3

Feb. 26th, 2017 03:43 am
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Posted by Victor Mair

Yixue Yang and I were on a mission to find out what the mysterious "O" in this entry from the previous installment in this series stands for:

laan2 / lán 兰O — stands for gaai3laan2 / jièlán 芥兰O
("Chinese kale / broccoli / gai lan / kai lan order")

Since that "O" occasioned so much discussion in the comments to the previous post, we were determined to put the controversy to rest, once and for all, and we now have done so, as will be explained at the end of this post.  For the moment, though, let's look at the bill we received this time (Saturday 2/25/17):

To keep things as simple as possible, the following items include:  A. the shorthand version of the entry, together with its Pinyin transcription and literal translation; B. the full form of what A stands for, together with its Pinyin transcription and typical English translation.

  1. xià cháng 下长 ("below long") — xiā cháng fěn 虾肠粉 ("Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll")
  2. jiǎnán bìng 甲南并 ("armor south side-by-side") — shāo yā niúnǎn pīnpán 烧腩拼盘 ("Roast Duck and Beef Stew Combo")
  3. suànróng Táng lán 蒜蓉唐兰 ("Chinese broccoli with minced garlic") — suànróng Táng jièlán 蒜蓉唐芥兰 ("Chinese Broccoli with Minced Garlic")
  4. hǎixiān zú 海先足 ("sea first foot") — hǎixiān zhōu 海鲜粥 ("Seafood Congee")

Phonological note:

zú 足 ("foot; sufficient; enough") — Cantonese zuk1

zhōu 粥 ("congee; porridge") — Cantonese zuk1


As for the "O" that followed our order of broccoli discussed in the second post in this series, the last time we ordered that dish it came with oyster sauce.  Consequently some people thought the "O" stood for "oyster" and even that the wait persons were confusing "order" and "oyster".  And there were other theories about what the "O" stood for as well.  So this time we were very careful to avoid oyster sauce and specifically requested that the broccoli come with minced garlic.  Voilà!  No "O" on the order slip / bill!  We further clarified with the wait staff that "O = order" refers to a small plate of already prepared vegetables kept at the front of the restaurant that can be brought to the customer on a moment's notice, whereas broccoli without the "O" signifies that the dish, larger in size, is prepared individually for the customer in the kitchen and brought to the customer from there, not from the front of the restaurant.  End of story.

[Thanks to Fangyi Cheng, Leqi Yu, and Pan Daan]

Russell Hardin has died

Feb. 26th, 2017 03:17 am
[syndicated profile] crooked_timber_feed

Posted by Henry

Russell Hardin died last night. I’m not competent even to begin to assess his overall intellectual contribution. What I can do is talk about what his work meant for me. I read – like pretty well every political science graduate student of my generation, and others previous and since – his seminal book on collective action theory. But how I really got to know him was through his work on trust as an encapsulation of interest. Thanks to the kindness of Margaret Levi, I became involved in the project that she, Russell and Karen Cook were running on trust for the Russell Sage Foundation, and a larger orbit of left scholars interested in rational choice. It was the making of more or less everything that I’ve written since, both directly, and through the people it introduced me to. My dissertation and subsequent book were in large part applications of Russell’s ideas. The single cleanest paper I’ve written not only was a riff on Russell’s arguments, but came out of his suggestion that I should take up an off the cuff comment and develop it to see where it goes. He was far kinder to me than he needed to be.

There was a period at the University of Chicago when Russell, Adam Przeworski and Jon Elster were all teaching in the political science department, arguing with each other, and creating through their agreements and disagreements a vision of what the left should be. I think that vision still has an awful lot to say for it. Of Russell’s later work, the book I like the most is How Do You Know? It’s not as perfect in itself as his books on collective action and trust, but it’s very characteristic of the ways in which (like Brian Barry) he mixed analytic philosophy with a very practical interest in concrete problems. The questions that he raises – of how our knowledge depends on social and collective structures that we do not really understand – seems very relevant now that many of these structures are behaving perversely or breaking down completely. He will be missed and remembered.

loligo: a green apple (apple)
[personal profile] loligo
I've tried different brands and different flavors, and it is just. not. right.

I try to tell myself not to compare it directly to pork sausage, and just consider it as its own food. Like turkey bacon -- you'd never confuse it for pork bacon, but it has its own charms, and I enjoy eating it.

But chicken sausage always seems to have this weird spongey texture that I just can't deal with. Chicken and turkey sausage both seem to work best when they're made in small links so that you get the maximum amount of crispy brown outside and the minimum of weird spongey inside.

I've had turkey sausage in restaurants before that was really quite good, but once I discovered that they're often made with beef casings or other beef additives, I had to give up on that. So I only buy it in grocery stores where I can inspect the ingredient list, and the beef-free ones just are not as nice.

In the year before my allergy was diagnosed, I discovered two local pork producers at our farmer's market who make *amazing* sausage, and now I just grumble every time I walk past. At my last allergist check-up in October, my antibodies were down to 1.39, so things are still trending in the right direction -- but at a party this fall, I met another alpha-gal sufferer who is having painful, dramatic reactions at 0.8. So I'm really trying not to get my hopes up for pork (or beef, or cheese, or any fucking thing with milk in it) being back on the menu anytime soon.

This grumbling brought to you by the disappointing chicken andouille in my gumbo tonight...

Pretty good Saturday

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:08 pm
moon_custafer: (Default)
[personal profile] moon_custafer
We went to an open house at a mosque downtown, where they gave us a tour of the building (originally built in 1940 as a bank), demonstrated calligraphy, and gave us assorted snacks including some very nice baklava.

Then we went with some friends to Tian An Cuisine, which serves dishes from the Jianxi province of China. Lots of chilli peppers, yet I didn't find the spiciness overwhelming as I usually do. Didn't try the frog's legs though.

Half-Price Sale in Polychrome Heroics

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:53 pm
ysabetwordsmith: Damask smiling over their shoulder (polychrome)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
[personal profile] ng_moonmoth plans to sponsor some poetry in the half-price sale. Here's the setup:

Thanks for the clarification. I was actually interested in "The Ocean From Above", and will send $84+31.25 to cover that. Also thinking about "Insha'Allah" for another $31.25. If anyone wants to jump in and help with those, or any portion of "Everything That You Are Chasing", please comment back or PM me, so I can share the PayPal account that should get your contribution. I'll send the sponsorship money Sunday evening.

So get in touch if that appeals to you. The original post is here if you want to comment under it with a reply.
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[personal profile] momijizukamori
Last-minute #ouji coord for lunch at Max Brenner - I went straight for dessert, haha. Blouse is #littledipper, cost is #atelierboz and everything else is off-brand.

life stuff

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:33 pm
mindstalk: (YoukoRaku1)
[personal profile] mindstalk
I might have good news finally, but I feel reticent until things solidify more.

All the manga I follow feels in slow hiatus, with a couple exceptions. I got to read two Citrus chapters at once, by dint of discovering a new translation group that's a head of my earlier source; of course, Citrus itself seems in a slow burn of dancing around the putative relationship. And Mousou Telepathy is an odd thing that comes out with two pages every day, or maybe the translators do, kind of like a webcomic with a weird origin.

I've read six Dresden Files novels. I wouldn't call them deep, but they're fun. Necromancy + dinosaur skeleton went exactly where I thought it would.

I've been doing lots of RPG theory reading, specifically most of The Alexandrian. Kind of makes me want to run an old-fashioned dungeoncrawl (or a new-fashioned reconstructed one, where the 'dungeon' is justified as some high-magic weirdness like a Madoka Witch). Beyond the "prep situations not plots" that's like the Lazy GM advice I've seen elsewhere, he's got interesting ideas about game structure, and how dungeoncrawls have natural structure to keep the players moving. (Check room, deal, check next room; seek treasure), as well as how to make interesting dungeons.

I was talking with a friend about how kids make amazing amounts of noise for their weight, by stomping around; he opined that parents wouldn't want to train their kids to be stealthy, since noise is how you can keep track of them. Another parent disagreed, he'd like his to be quieter. I just know that it took S's kids years to figure out how I was so quiet and surprising in our chase games, if they even have, yet. (I think G2 has, she's crossing the threshold into adult models of causality and manipulation, like spotting how I distract the younger kids when they're being pains, and thanking me for it.)

Weather here has been freaky warm, as high as 24 C. Boston. February. Well, the snow went away fast! Oh yeah, being buried in snow seems to have been really bad for my bike, the right brake doesn't work well and the left brake squeaks. I'd thought I might ride it to filking last night, but aborted after a few blocks and took the T.
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Mark Liberman

"Dear Abby: Creepy boy follows around eighth-grade girl", Chicago Sun-Times 2/25/2017:

DEAR ABBY: I’m an eighth-grader with a good life. I go to a good school, have good friends and a happy family.

But at school, there is this boy who follows me around. I tell him to stop, but he keeps doing it.

So upstream in the publications process from that headline, there was apparently someone who has drunk the don't-end-a-sentence-with-a-preposition koolaid.

Some previous LLOG posts on final prepositions, stranded and otherwise:

"X nazi", 4/7/2004
"An internet pilgrim's guide to stranded prepositions", 4/11/2004
"A Churchill story up with which I will no longer put", 12/8/2004
"Better a spectacular blunder than a hint of unseemliness", 4/25/2005
"The CliffsNotes version", 6/10/2005
"If we look, simply, to the French", 6/29/2005
"Avoidance", 7/5/2005
"New Yorker search engine stark staring mad", 9/20/2005
"Churchill vs. editorial nonsense", 11/27/2005
"18th-century grammarians vs. Shakespeare et al.", 9/9/2006
"Hot Dryden-on-Johnson action", 5/1/2007
"Forgive me, awful poet", 5/2/2007
"Prepositional anxiety and Voldemort's wand", 8/25/2007
"When Zombie Rules attack", 8/26/2008
" Also, check the back seat", 11/7/2009
"'Latin-obsessed 17th century introverts'?", 8/26/2010
"You can get preposition stranding right to start with", 10/3/2010
"Lady Bracknell strands even adjunct prepositions", 11/3/2010
"You can't break rules", 8/5/2015
"Economist sticklers trying to bug me", 9/4/2015

Warning: Before commenting, please read "Boring preposition jokes: New termination policy", 10/4/2010.

Obligatory screenshot:

h/t: Charles Belov.


[syndicated profile] snopes_feed

Posted by Alex Kasprak

A new initiative lead by a Tufts University mathematics professor thinks this field of research could be the best shot at designing fair congressional districts apolitically.

State of the Liz (week 8 post-break)

Feb. 25th, 2017 05:48 pm
labelleizzy: (Default)
[personal profile] labelleizzy
Physical Therapy feels like it's going slow, but still, I can do a lot of stuff I haven't been able to.
Grip strength of the right hand isn't great, but it's mostly reliable and seems to be improving. *shrug*

One cool thing that I hope is actually progress: (background) I have a habit of cracking my knuckles and tugging on my fingers. (Mom says we have a family history of arthritis in the knuckles ugh)
The hand that's healing has been staying swollen for a lot of the day. Today I got in the hot tub and soaked hand and body awhile. The swelling went down and has pretty much stayed down.

Just now I was thinking about seeing the chiropractor, and wondering if he can adjust fingers. I think I remember him doing it. And I have had a swollen painful root-joint of the thumb pretty much this whole time.

So I tugged on the thumb a bit, had a bit of bright pain, but now I can touch my thumb across to my pinky, and the whole thumb-wrist part hurts less. I think I might have encouraged a tendon to move over just a bit, to go back to where it normally belongs! (*fingers crossed*)

Before I forget I'm going to take some more acetaminophen (I do miss ibuprofen but it clashes with one of my other meds) and hope to keep the swelling down.

The rest of my life is okay, and we have a houseguest this weekend, so I must dash!

Dept. of Birthdays

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:45 pm
kaffyr: The Polar Bear from Polar Bear cafe (Polar Bear-san)
[personal profile] kaffyr
Natal Duo

Happy Birthday to 
[personal profile] maruad , a fellow Canadian. He's from the province and city where my Nana was born, and he, like me, is a science fiction fan. There's two points of congruence, but they aren't necessary for me to enjoy knowing him. He has a wry sense of humor, a good eye for art (he's also a dab hand at painting himself), and in short, has always been a pleasure to know. I hope today was a good day for you!

A second birthday person is [livejournal.com profile] jessalrynn, and I am very glad I've had the chance to meet her via pixels, if not in real life. She is an excellent writer, and she shares my love of the Ninth Doctor, of the Whoniverse from First to Twelfth, of democracy, of resistance to tyranny, and deserves the best birthday, and the best year possible. I hope 2017 is good for you!

Links + Action

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:56 pm
lynnenne: (politics: there are no words)
[personal profile] lynnenne posting in [community profile] thisfinecrew

Feb. 14: The New York Times reports that Trump's team had continuous contact with Russian operatives during his campaign.

Feb. 22: The Minority President calls media the enemy. The intelligence officer who led the raid against Osama Bin Laden calls Trump's attacks on the press "the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime."

Feb. 23: CNN reports that the White House called senior FBI officials and asked them to deny the Russia story - interfering with the FBI's investigation.

Feb. 24:  White House press minion Sean Spicer bans NY Times, CNN and others from a media briefing.

Feb. 25: I make a "tribute donation" to the Center for Public Integrity (which funds investigative journalism) in the name of Sean Spicer, "Just because I care".

three months

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:34 pm
fox: my left eye.  "ceci n'est pas une fox." (Default)
[personal profile] fox
Holy crap, this past Thursday the prince was three months old.

He likes or does not mind me, his father, snuggling, milk, bath time, standing up on our legs and looking around, kicking his heels against the floor of the pack-n-play, and gurgling and cooing and practicing his vowel sounds with us and his grandmothers (his favorite word is "ghu," not that we know what it means). He dislikes wet diapers, dirty diapers, being cold, being tired, being hungry, and being swaddled - but he's not yet ready to sleep with both arms free, because he startles himself awake after about five minutes. So he has to have one arm pinned. We leave his right arm free so he can get used to unswaddled sleeping; recently he has also been using the opportunity to nom on his hand.

He's been able to get his hands in his mouth for about a month, but now he's doing it all the blessed time and with real intention. He can get a whole hand in there. I've just about given up trying to get him to stop and resigned myself to the fact that we're in a slobbery phase now. He's drooling copiously, and between that and some other indicators I think it's possible these are early symptoms of teething. The wise internet suggests that he might show signs as much as three months before the first tooth actually comes in, and that that's likely to be around six months, so (a) right on schedule? and (b) oh my god, this much drooling (and crankiness, and and and) for three more months?!

We generally put him to bed around 7:30, give or take. (Mostly give. He can't really make it to 8pm.) He generally wakes up once, usually in the sort of 2:30am area but sometimes as late as 4:30, which is the worst possible time because there's no real useful sleep for any adult between that and 6am wakeup. (A few weeks ago for three nights in a row he slept from 8pm to 5am and we thought we'd turned a corner. Alas. On the other hand, two nights ago he woke up at 12:30 and didn't go down again until 1:45, and then he woke up again at 4:30. Thank god that's not normal.) Generally up for the day around 6am. And he's a very sweet kid from 6am to about 5pm. ... Unfortunately, the last couple of hours of the day are developing into a real challenge.

Baby sleep stuff. )

This got a lot ventier than I meant it to. Really things are mostly great. The kid is awesome about 21 hours out of every day. It's just the other three (the last two before bedtime and one overnight) are really starting to get to us.

Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 1

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:10 pm
lordultimus: (Default)
[personal profile] lordultimus posting in [community profile] scans_daily

"The fun for me is seeing these characters, who are very grounded and very realistic kids, and then have these insane things starting to happen, and then having them be able to react to it the way maybe a normal teenager would, as opposed to a teenager who's grown up in 50 years of superheroes flying around them." - Jeff Lemire

Read more... )
kay_brooke: Snowy landscape with a fence, an evergreen forest, and a pink sky (winter)
[personal profile] kay_brooke posting in [community profile] rainbowfic
Name: [personal profile] kay_brooke
Story: Unusual Florida
Colors: Rain Cloud #12 (I looked everywhere for it), Valentine's Day Pink #5 (card)
Styles/Supplies: n/a
Word Count: 769
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; no standard warnings apply.
Summary: Amy finds something in her father's office.
Note: Constructive criticism is welcome, either through comments or PM.

Amy found the box of cards )

Cooking diary

Feb. 26th, 2017 01:52 pm
soon_lee: Image of yeast (Saccharomyces) cells (Default)
[personal profile] soon_lee
Monday: Spaghetti aglio e olio with rocket & prawn meat

Tuesday: Chorizo & penne salad.

Wednesday: Moussaka. Tried to make a quick one by cooking the eggplant in the microwave. The end result was edible but watery; I really needed to cook the tomatoes down a lot more before adding. I guess moussaka just can't be rushed.

Thursday: Cheesy sausages, grilled corn, leek in cheese sauce (ok, maybe it was just the drippings from the sausages stirred in).
kay_brooke: Snowy landscape with a fence, an evergreen forest, and a pink sky (winter)
[personal profile] kay_brooke posting in [community profile] rainbowfic
Name: [personal profile] kay_brooke
Story: Unusual Florida
Colors: Heart Gold #7 (We were two and had but one heart. - Francois Villon), Valentine's Day Pink #14 (candy)
Styles/Supplies: Frame
Word Count: 626
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; no standard warnings apply.
Summary: Hope wants to ask out Julia.
Note: Constructive criticism is welcome, either through comments or PM.

Hope had no idea )

How to Tame a Groomzilla

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:11 pm
[syndicated profile] hockeyrpf_feed

Posted by <a href="/users/visionshadows/pseuds/visionshadows" rel="author">visionshadows</a>


Sid just let it happen.

Words: 825, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 10 of Short Stories and Tiny Tales

Geno's Son

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:03 pm
[syndicated profile] hockeyrpf_feed

Posted by <a href="/users/visionshadows/pseuds/visionshadows" rel="author">visionshadows</a>


When permission to cheat backfires.

Words: 896, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 9 of Short Stories and Tiny Tales

Two Bits

Feb. 25th, 2017 06:58 pm
[syndicated profile] hockeyrpf_feed

Posted by <a href="/users/visionshadows/pseuds/visionshadows" rel="author">visionshadows</a>


Sid was a creature of habit.

Words: 1443, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of Short Stories and Tiny Tales


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