Feb. 2nd, 2012

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The announcement post was here. The discussion post is here; both have lots of interesting stuff in comments.

Please link your post in comments here: there is no guarantee I will see your post and add it if you do not link it here.

Posts which went up before I made this post:

I posted Thoughts on Bulk Food and [kinky is] Using the Whole Damned Bird.

Daedala "wrote rather a lot about buying an entire animal and eating out of your freezer for a year".

17Catherines posts a festival of links and recipes.

Executrix posted on basic bread-making Part One and Part Two and linked to The Basics on chow.com.

Cpolk posted On How to Use a Recipe and Cooking for One.

Susan8020 posted A Varied Collection Of Links to Her Food Writing.

Legionseagle posted on Lancashire ways of cooking cheap meat slowly and to excellent effect, as well as Tripe, Cowheel, Elder, Blackpuddings and all points offal and Means of Production, Distribution and Exchange, well, actually just the last two.

Ysabetwordsmith posted Slow Cooking for Beginners.

James Bryant posted a brief but useful comment on expiry dates.

ConGirl on beans.

Kake on How to cook when you have money, but no time or energy.

AmazonSyren on Food Security, New Domesticity, and Economic Privilege and on Imbolg and Cooking for People Who Don’t – OR: Eating Local in the Dead of Winter.

Linked In Comments here:

Kathmandu wrote a very simple recipe for tomato-egg-drop soup.

Ursula posted about cooking beets, cabbage, and squash.

Crystalpyramid wrote a thing on lessons I learned from being time- and money-poor and vegetarian, and also soup recipes and a thing on lessons I learned from being time- and money-poor and vegetarian, and also soup recipes..

Seekergeek put up a post on organizing and making useful the much reviled chest freezer.

Ursula on cooking beets, cabbage, and squash.

Highlyeccentric on learning to cook from cookbooks.

Nancylebov on Scrubbing 101, A little more about scrubbing, and Mirepoix, an easy way to add savoryness.

Oursin on Cooking within [your] limits.

Chickenfeet on on beans and cooking like a peasant.

Indywind on Cooking when low on cope/brain.

Oyceter on Random tips for fast Chinese food.

Dichroic on Sunday cooking - making large portions when you have time for later when you don't.

Silveradept has some anecdotes about learning to cook by yourself, when you've just gotten out into the world on your own.

Whump on making marinara sauce and cooking for friends and family in crisis and change.

JessetheK's high-protein, low-carb, gluten-free lunch ... following this basic five-ingredient method.

Automaticdoor left a very long comment on oyceter's DW with a recipe for a rice noodle/egg drop soup that is gluten-free, vegetarian, and can be modified to be vegan.

Resolute on making Hobbit Polenta ... Hobbit food being defined as food that contains onions and mushrooms ...


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