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Cooking For People Who Don't Wrap-up and Poll (repost, because I broke the first poll, sorry)

So, I think that went well; there are lots and lots of fabulous posts and comments and discussion that I found and linked to and there may be more I haven't seen.

(One Very Important Note for contributors; PLEASE come and drop me a link to your post. This somehow did not happen consistently this round, and it really does matter. Even if you know I read you, I might be ill, or behind, or distracted, or even mistakenly think that you're making a private post about cooking and don't WANT a bunch of strangers dropping in, and I might miss your post, or not know I am meant to link it, and that would be SAD. A lot of posts got linked later than I would have liked because of this issue, and I am haunted by the fear I may have missed a whole pile somewhere.)

In general, many thanks and much love to all of you, I was afraid to commit to hosting more than one round because of my spoon-supply issues, but this round was surprisingly manageable. I am, for now, inclined to keep hosting the carnival, at least for one or two more rounds. I generally like to make sure things are at a certain level of maturity before I foster them out, if I can; it seems to make for better longevity.

Ergo, a poll.

Discussion of any or all issues related to the carnival is MOST welcome in comments; the poll is meant to get me certain information which I want to have in a handy format, not to limit general discussion.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 59

I am taking this poll

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... and I participated in the last carnival.
15 (25.4%)

... and I read more than three posts from the last carnival.
27 (45.8%)

... and I am planning to get around to writing something/reading more than three posts from the last carnival.
9 (15.3%)

... and I missed this carnival but am hoping to participate in the next carnival.
5 (8.5%)

... and my level of participation/interest is hard to describe but I have generally warm feelings towards the basic idea and some opinions to express.
3 (5.1%)

... despite having neither read nor participated, nor planning to in future. I like taking polls. I appreciate having a box to check and I understand that you may therefore choose to ignore my comments.
0 (0.0%)

The next Carnival should be

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... in three months
26 (53.1%)

... in six months
17 (34.7%)

... in twelve months
4 (8.2%)

... at some other regular interval; I will explain in comments.
2 (4.1%)

... in three, six, or twelve months - I will say which in comments - but first you should shift things to avoid a conflict which I am about to tell you exists.
0 (0.0%)

May I help?

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I'll promote the carnival!
22 (44.9%)

I'll collect posts!
1 (2.0%)

I'll beta posts!
6 (12.2%)

I'll do general hand-holding!
5 (10.2%)

You have a problem which you haven't noticed yet; I am about to point it out and offer to help fix it, or at least make some suggestions!
2 (4.1%)

There is a potential awesomeness-increasing option for this carnival that you haven't thought of; I am about to point it out and offer to help implement it, or at least make suggestions!
3 (6.1%)

I don't want to commit to a regular gig but I hear rumours you have a chronic illness; if you're flat on your back next deadline I'd be willing to join the Last-Minute Carnival Saviour Squad!
10 (20.4%)

I can't do anything concrete, but I'll think good thoughts and say good words about the carnival or send people over here if I get a chance! (Don't think I don't value this: trust me, I do! - MRN)
30 (61.2%)

I have a theme suggestion:

We Ticky Because We Care!

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16 (32.0%)

13 (26.0%)

7 (14.0%)

9 (18.0%)

Fox in Sox!
22 (44.0%)

Knox in Box!
7 (14.0%)

Fox in Sox on Knox in Box!
13 (26.0%)

Knox in Box on Fox in Sox!
9 (18.0%)

12 (24.0%)

9 (18.0%)

9 (18.0%)

16 (32.0%)

Chicks with Bricks Come!
8 (16.0%)

Clicks with Blocks Come!
7 (14.0%)

Chicks with Bricks and Blocks and Clocks come!
16 (32.0%)

12 (24.0%)

12 (24.0%)

7 (14.0%)

11 (22.0%)

17 (34.0%)

19 (38.0%)

15 (30.0%)

20 (40.0%)

13 (26.0%)

Ice Cream!
19 (38.0%)

18 (36.0%)

Creme Brulee!
16 (32.0%)

16 (32.0%)

9 (18.0%)

19 (38.0%)

14 (28.0%)

20 (40.0%)

17 (34.0%)

27 (54.0%)

18 (36.0%)

21 (42.0%)

14 (28.0%)

20 (40.0%)

Fair Trade!
29 (58.0%)

26 (52.0%)

19 (38.0%)

23 (46.0%)

15 (30.0%)

nancylebov: (green leaves)

[personal profile] nancylebov 2012-02-15 09:02 am (UTC)(link)
I put a link to the carnival at Less Wrong.

timing, and place for discussion

[personal profile] susan8020 2012-02-15 11:09 am (UTC)(link)
I'd suggest on some memorable dates, such as Equinox and Solstice. Yes, that would be every three months. My attention span doesn't run for six months.

And/or, to keep the attention span warm, some on-going centralized place for more casual commenting and discussion between Carnivals. Your posts announcing the Carnival got a lot of good discussion in their comments, but I didn't see such lively interest in the comments to the actual posts others made at their own journals.

PS: What does "I'll collect posts" mean?
coughingbear: im in ur shipz debauchin ur slothz (moomin)

[personal profile] coughingbear 2012-02-15 12:22 pm (UTC)(link)
I loved this Carnival, and am still reading posts from it. I do want to write a post in my own journal pointing to it and to particular entries and I think I have just had an idea for a post for next time.
amazon_syren: (Default)

[personal profile] amazon_syren 2012-02-15 01:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Looking forward to participating in the next one. :-D

Re: Timing of the Carnival: Perhaps February and August? (One in The Depths of Winter - for me, at any rate - and one smack in the middle of Ontario's Season of Deliciousness? Gods know it would give me a good reason to go on and on and on about canning. ;-)
con_girl: (Default)

[personal profile] con_girl 2012-02-15 04:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I think I read three, and although I wrote something inspired by the carnival, since I wasn't really clear how that all worked and didn't bravely put the link on your blog myself (although I noticed that you did). I can't say that I _participated_ in this one.
chromatographic: A field (and barn) in the mountains. (Default)

[personal profile] chromatographic 2012-02-15 05:03 pm (UTC)(link)
I loved the carnival, and am trying to get a good post idea and write it up. :) (I'm thinking my super-awesome super-flexible stir fry...)
james_g4clf: James in a boat in Kerala (Default)

Advice for Bears of Little Brain

[personal profile] james_g4clf 2012-02-15 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I managed to get something into the Carnival - but I don't think I did the right thing, I "replied" and I suspect I should have gone somewhere and posted. I actually have a couple more chunks of advice but have withheld them because I don't want to mess things up for you.

So a clear instruction of how to contribute, written for Bears of Very Little Brain, like me, would be good next time.

Unless, of course, you would rather keep my contributions down to a low reasonable level.
james_g4clf: James in a boat in Kerala (Default)

Re: Addendum to "Advice for Bears of Little Brain"

[personal profile] james_g4clf 2012-02-15 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
After "chunks of advice" add "and some more recipes".

bananamous* comment:

(Anonymous) 2012-02-15 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I love this idea, and was sad that life got in the way of my participation this time.

Perhaps the next one could be in three months, when 1) it's not the ramp-up for SOCCER SEASON WHICH EATS MY LIFE, 2) my maternal unit will not be having cancer surgery, 3) my, um, love life, will be less dramatic, and 4) there won't be a rash of deaths in my extended tribe, (most of which I haven't been able to talk about here, but I know you know of at least the one, because *you* called me.) I've been so absent here lately, and it makes me frustrated.

So, next time. Lord willin', and the creeks don't rise.

* bananamous: adj. of unknown identity, unless one actually know the person in question reasonably well, in which case it's like your lover standing there in a little Robin Hood mask and not another stitch -- ostensibly disguised, but oh yes, you know exactly who that is.
automaticdoor: Carefully recreated screenshot of Britta from Community ep 3x08 captioned "Britta Perry, Anarchist Cat Owner" (Default)

[personal profile] automaticdoor 2012-02-15 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)

First, I really like the equinox/solstice dates! Memorable, seasonal foods, etc.

Second, can we create a community for this? My journal is access-locked and that's the reason I didn't post my recipe in it--it's in a comment in someone else's journal. The recipe has now been reposted in my journal, but I still can't link that to you, you know? That way, all the carnival info could be there, it could be tagged, people could either link their posts there or post them there if they wanted, etc. I think it could save quite a bit of work/link-gathering.
oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

[personal profile] oyceter 2012-02-16 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
I had a lot of fun this carnival! Possible suggestion, more promotion in non-US/UK food places? I know it's not that much of a step to reimagine a lot of the tips and tricks in a different type of cuisine, but I am not particularly good at that, and I know I personally have been extremely happy about getting more comments centered around the food I tend the cook.
oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

[personal profile] oyceter 2012-02-16 06:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I can definitely signal boost in some of the comms I'm in! I think from some of the comments I got, people were thinking they didn't have enough for a post or something, so emphasizing that non-Western cookery would be nice to have might help too? Er, hopefully that fits in with the carnival themes and such...

Sorry! I am really bad at keeping up with comms, but could probably ask around about non-Western-centered food comms?
amazon_syren: (Default)

[personal profile] amazon_syren 2012-05-01 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe a theme for Carnival #3 could be "Traditional Foodways of My People" and people can post about trying to persue the diet that their ancestors traditionally ate, or "this is my grandmother's jam/corn soup/kimchee recipe" or learning to cook Your Food in situations where Your Ingredients aren't readily available... or things along those lines. Y/N/M?

[personal profile] susan8020 2012-02-18 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Here's some worthwhile info on vegetable storage; some do better OUT of the fridge.