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I like Elementary, I do. I don't claim that it's flawless but I enjoy it a lot and we watch it nigh-religiously around here.

This week's episode did, however, make me yearn for an Elementary/Rivers of London crossover.

Or, at least it caused me to ... forcefully ... quote Whispers Underground at the screen, to wit:

"and woe betide any officer who breaks the chain of evidence, for they will be sat down and have what went wrong with the O. J. Simpson murder trial explained to them at great length. With PowerPoint slides.”

I can think of things Sherlock would hate more, but not of things he would hate more which could lawfully be done to him within the confines of a police station and which would leave him no grounds for a complaint against the officers involved.

And oh, man. If the show has a big honking proceedural flaw, that's kind of it.

*looks hopefully at Tiny Fandom*

ETA: the actual PowerPoint prestentation, of course, was created by the long-suffering bastards actually responsible for custody of evidence, which is why it is 200 slides long and the audio includes, in the DNA section, the entirety of Every Sperm Is Sacred, as a low-quality .midi file, accompanied by images of cartoon sperm dancing around a crime scene.

ETA2: Joan would get dragged into sitting through it too. Her revenge would be epic.

Date: 2016-02-22 06:35 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mmegaera
I'd watch and/or read it. Putting Thomas Nightingale and this version of Sherlock in the same room together would be -- fascinating.

Date: 2016-02-22 08:49 am (UTC)
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I haven't watched Elementary, but I must say, the combination of Rivers of London and Scott & Bailey is spoiling me for all other crime shows. I was watching Shetland last night and kept saying things like 'well if you'd done your risk assessments you wouldn't have this problem, would you?' and 'aren't you even going to wear gloves before handling this item you know full well is vital evidence?'


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