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I never ever post about my dreams, but seriously the

a) flamewar
b) between Opus Dei and the Jesuits,
c) being conducted in 140-character or less messages,
d) spelled out in all caps,
e) on mountainsides
f) across a valley
g) in the Alps,
h) with round pale rocks,
i) by discalced monks?

... trust me, y'all, you really DON'T want any of what I am on, but I will say, there are occasional compensations.
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... Rep. Doug McKillip of Athens said later term abortions are a "barbaric practice."


"... [t]his is a red meat issue ..." said Sen. Nan Orrock, D-Atlanta.

ETA that Orrock is Une Ouef Tres Bien with an excellent voting record on women's rights and other matters near and dear my heart. I posted this to point out that actually I think it makes ME kind of a bad person - or at least a person possessed of a truly sick sense of humour - to react to the use, in a serious discussion of a matter of great weight, of a perfectly common, somewhat colourful bit of political jargon expressing "this is a highly emotive and core issue with a certain number of voters, enough so that it can override more reasoned objections a given voter may have to a candidate" by bursting into horrified giggles like a twelve year old whose grandmother just said motherfucker.

I sincerely apologise for implying that Rep. Orrock was in any way trying to be either disgusting or flippant or that she would support the legislation in question or any legislation similar to it.


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