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The awesome Kate Hunt has written an article about our feral cat colony, and about feral cat management in general, for the Centretown Buzz.

Includes pictures of her own Arthur J Raffles, who we were lucky enough to be able to
place with her a year or so back, and Sage The Wonder Kitten, looking slightly more psycho than usual.

Sage has a forever home now, I'm glad to say.

I think we would all recommend the Daily Grind on Somerset West for all your "prolonged caffeine-soaked brunch while doing an interview" needs, by the way.

Date: 2015-01-19 07:22 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] momijizukamori
That article fills me with warm fuzzies

Date: 2015-01-20 12:46 am (UTC)
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There are occasional exceptions to the "feral queens become permanently feral once pregnant" thing. Our Winnie was originally trapped with the intention of doing a spay-and-release, but it was cold and we didn't want to re-release her with her incision still fresh, and she promptly demonstrated that she was both non-aggressive and completely uninterested in going back outside. We joke that her reaction to being brought in was, "Hey, I like this gig!"

Winnie is the mother of Spike, who we trapped as a just-weaned kitten the day before we trapped Winnie; her teats were still slightly enlarged at the time. Spike was also immediately tractable. We're pretty sure that Spike's father was the large dark-tabby tom we found killed by a car near our house a couple of years ago.

These are the two ferals we've been feeding in the back yard for several years. Momcat (the dark tabby) has been spayed and released (3 of our current cats are kittens from her last litter, and there was a 4th one we placed with a friend); we've never been able to trap Yard Cat (the ginger). We get occasional visits from other cats, but we think most of them are indoor/outdoor pets; Momcat and Yard Cat are definitely living in the wilds of the back yard. Sadly, we haven't seen Momcat for a week, and the odds get worse every day -- we live near a fairly busy street, and there have been coyotes sighted less than a mile away.


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