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I'm doing a fairly good job of avoiding either, but man has it ever been a hard month for the planet and many who sail in her.

This song has been a potent medicine against all kinds of darkness for me since [ profile] benet introduced me to it back in, oh, I don't know, 1996 or so.

So here it is, in case it can be that for you.

If there's a song you feel that way about, and you wanted to post it on your own journal and link to it, or just post it in the comments, I would like that. Perhaps we can get a whole playlist going. Can't hurt to try. Permission to link happily granted.

ETA: I cannot get youtube to disgorge the embed code. If you can, and will paste it to me, I'll swop it for the present link. Note that I know how to do this thing, I am just not being given the option either because I decline to sign in, because embed is disabled, or because I'm on the iPad; attempts at tech support are not solicited at this time.

ETA2: [personal profile] dine got me embed code, yay, which prompts me to link Blue Rodeo's Rose Coloured Glasses, which I think of as "that song we take turns singing to/about each other", and:

[ profile] lexin contributes Something Inside So Strong, a song I did not know and am delighted to have heard now.

ETA3: [personal profile] white_hart: gives us Indigo Girls, Let It Be Me and [profile] angevin2 has embedded Tom Waits, Never Let Go over on LJ.


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