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Slightly Special Beanz in honour of WE HAZ A MEL:

1 1/2 cups Moro Beans from Rancho Gordo.
1 large white onion, diced
2 litres vegetable stock (in this case, collard green stems, small handful chopped shittake mushrooms, small handful veggie flakes, one hour on the stove)

Moros are incredibly rich and flavourful; it's easy to overflavour them so I try to keep it super simple.

Spicing: (I mostly just spice by wandering around pulling stuff out of the spice drawer, smelling it quizzically and either adding some or putting it back. This is what ended up going in today)

Adobo Seasoning (Penzey's)
Aleppo Pepper (Penzey's)
Bay leaves, 4, in the bean water, removed at the hour mark
Chili 3000 (Penzey's)
Epazote (Penzey's)
Mexican Oregano (Rancho Gordo)
Mixed Peppercorns, about ten in the bean water
Oregano Indio (Rancho Gordo)
Smoked Paprika (quite a lot, oops. worked well though)
toasted coriander seed (10 minutes in a dry pan on medium with the cumin)
toasted cumin (as above)

Start beans in about a litre of water; when the water has been almost entirely absorbed add stock, onion, spices.

Cover, reduce heat, simmer until tender, uncover and reduce, serve over mashed potatoes with mixed garlic greens.


commodorified: My hair, flying in the wind, and my right arm, in sunlight (Default)

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