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Feb. 25th, 2017 09:25 pm
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A few more of my recent drawing attempts, mixing pastels and colored pencils together.

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My subconscious is not subtle

Feb. 25th, 2017 11:56 pm
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This morning I overslept, which means I was late feeding and medding Dreadful.

The last dream I had before I woke up was that I'd overslept and was late feeding Dreadful. In the dream I was woken up by Marna and Ian standing at the foot of my bed holding Dreadful and looking at me reproachfully. So, I got out of bed and started getting Dreadful's meds together and then things took a weird dream-like turn and I realized I was dreaming and actually woke up.

At which point I discovered that I'd started my period in the night and bled on my sheets. Today was...a day.

(but I did eventually feed the cat)

The results on my Dreadful ridiculousness poll indicate that the yawning picture is a clear favorite, followed by "Oh god, oh god, don't make me choose" and the glitterball in third.

Also, there was one vote for "I'm immune to cat photos", but that was Ian, who is totally lying, so I'm ignoring it.

Reading, listening, watching

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Recently read: an advance copy of Cory Doctorow's Walkaway which I enjoyed -- talky like always with Doctorow but ~400 pages of "yeah this feels like a plausible future that I could belong in" with a lot of camaraderie and tradecraft. In a similar vein: "The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike", a short story by Andrea Phillips.


What We Pretend We Can't See (131279 words) by gyzym
Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley

Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.

Heartwarming, funny, great unreliable narrator, touching.

I'm listening to some Decemberists and I listened to the most recent series of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme with joy.

Just saw Get Out tonight -- I rarely see horror movies and it will take me a while to calm down from this one! Funny, scary, thought-provoking, good pacing. I feel justified in my decision to watch it and feel a renewed will to chase down and watch Keanu.

I've now seen the first episode of Jane the Virgin and am a bit miffed that I didn't hear earlier that it would be particularly appealing to Arrested Development fans; I intend to catch up, albeit slowly.

Reading; Life

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:18 pm
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I just finished my second read-through of Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go.It's a wonderful book, and in the light of current political events, breaks my heart.

I went back and read the reviews it got when it was first published. So many were superior and casually dismissive. We could afford to be dismissive of dystopias, back then.

At any rate, it's a book that should be read, loved and wept over.

Two quick things

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:42 pm
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We've had people ask us about the Cloudflare leak reported a few days ago. We are Cloudflare customers, and it is possible that login cookies or passwords may have been exposed as part of the incident. We believe the risk to you is relatively low -- it was a small percentage of Cloudflare's requests that were involved over a relatively short period of time, and we haven't found any evidence that anything from us was among them. This is not an absolute guarantee that none of your accounts were affected, but we don't think the likelihood is very high.

Because we believe the risk to be low, we aren't automatically expiring everyone's session cookies and requiring you to log back in and change your password -- whenever we do that, it does lock some people who they can't remember their passwords and no longer have access to their confirmed email addresses out of their accounts, and we believe that will affect more people in this case.

Still, it's always a good idea to change your passwords regularly, and now would be a good time to do it, especially if you want peace of mind. We have a FAQ on how to change your password. If your browser logs you in automatically and you don't remember your password, you can reset it. If you've forgotten your password and no longer have access to your most recent confirmed email address, you can have the password reset email sent to any email address you've confirmed on your account by entering both your username and your old email address at the Lost Info page.

Unfortunately, if you've forgotten your password and no longer have access to any email address you've confirmed on your account, you probably won't be able to reset your password. In some cases, if you've previously paid for your account, we can validate your payment details to confirm your identity and reset your password. If you can't reset your password, but think you may have paid for your account in the past, you can open a support request in the Account Payments category and I'll check into it for you.

LiveJournal imports/crossposts/feeds

LiveJournal has temporarily blocked about 2/3rds of our webservers from contacting their site, presumably because they feel that we're requesting data from them too often. This affects the ability to import your journal, the ability to crosspost entries from your Dreamwidth account to your LiveJournal account, and whether syndicated feeds of accounts on LiveJournal will update on Dreamwidth. Those features will fail when they're unable to contact LJ because of the block.

It isn't every one of our webservers, so things will work intermittently -- if you crosspost two entries one right after the other, one might succeed while the other fails. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to resolve this other than contacting them and asking them to unblock us (which I'll be doing right after I hit 'post' on this entry).

EDIT 2249 EST 25 Feb: We appear to be down to zero unblocked webservers, so imports, crossposts, and feeds will all fail until LJ unblocks us.
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D&D is so amazing because anything can happen, and sometimes very big unexpected things happen because of very few decisions & dice rolls.

Last session, my character:
- bought saddles so she can in the future ride on her beetle familiar (now medium-sized) and be carried by her cat familiar (now large-sized)
- opened a "bank" account
- found out that the giant spider ladies, who in the old timeline decided not to have children because it would make them too powerful, apparently changed their minds
- spied on a powerful enemy, was unfortunately discovered and didn't reply when contacted, which led to an enemy army of 5.600 people finding and attacking the outpost the party is staying at, which incidentally started a war between two very powerful factions
- found out that her soul was created in a human sacrifice ritual
- in order to fight the attacking army, summoned a hurricane, killing over 4.000 enemy combatants (that were in the air) and also several hundred allied soldiers and civilians in collateral damage
- fought the enemy general whose face she wears
- couldn't stop that general from escaping at the very last moment, but at least managed to steal her sentient sword, which might have been controlling her
- kept it together – barely – because there is still a fight going on, but afterwards…

So now I'm playing a character who accidentally started a world war. Wow. And also killed over 4.000 people with one standard action, but who's counting. That's the second time my character majorly fucked up in the past few days, though last time the death toll was "only" in the dozens. A lot of opportunities for character development… if she survives, that is. I feel so sorry for her :(

I write a summary of each session I participated in and send it to the whole group, because usually not everyone can make it. Last time something very dramatic happened it was fun seeing the absent players' reactions in group chat. This time we decided not to send them the summary, we'll let them read it live before the next session so we can enjoy their facial expressions. It's going to be great.
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Never Did Run Smooth (12727 words) by astolat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game), The Witcher 3
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Geralt of Rivia/Emhyr var Emreis
Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Emhyr var Emreis, Jaskier | Dandelion, Sigismund Dijkstra, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon
Additional Tags: Forced Marriage, Ritual Sex, Consent Issues, Frogs, magical curses, Public Sex
Series: Part 5 of Witcher works

“Uh,” Geralt said, staring down at the glass case.

“Ribbit,” said the frog.

America’s Bravest Woman

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:46 pm
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Today's Google Doodle (USA)

Ida Lewis’ 175th Birthday
Lydia Nichols, Doodle Artist -- Feb 25, 2017

It wasn’t until perhaps my fourth or fifth visit to the littlest state of Rhode Island that I spotted the unassuming lighthouse nestled on a tiny island of its own in Newport’s harbor. Usually the title “lighthouse keeper” conjures images of men in beards wearing stiff blue coats, so I was absolutely delighted to learn that Rhode Island’s most famous lighthouse keeper was Idawalley Zorada Lewis. Declared “America’s Bravest Woman” before her tenure was through, Ida had been hailed as Newport’s best swimmer and one of its strongest rowers ever since taking over for her ill father as as guardian of the harbor. She made her first save at twelve and didn’t stop until the age of sixty-three.

There are no definitive records of Ida’s rescues and she was too modest to recount them herself, though some were documented in local newspapers and at least one garnered national attention; in February of 1881 she ventured into the bitter winter winds to rescue two soldiers who had fallen through the ice while traveling on foot. This act of bravery caught the attention of President Grant who shortly thereafter awarded her the prestigious Gold Lifesaving Medal. Eleven years after her death, the Rhode Island legislature voted to rename her former home, Lime Rock Lighthouse, as Ida Lewis Lighthouse in her honor.

It's important to remember that being a lighthouse keeper required unwavering courage, sheer physical strength, constant diligence, and a willingness to put one's own life on the line. Ida was so dedicated that supposedly she would rush into inclement weather without shoes or coat so as not a waste a single second. Her life and legacy were not only an honor to research and illustrate, but truly a source of inspiration.

Happy 175th birthday, Ida Lewis!

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Some years ago, in the midst of what was then called "the warnings wank" or "another round of the warnings debate" [personal profile] melannen stated "I warn for 'Old People Sex' when one of the parties is over 55 or so."

I was not at the time 55 though I was within spitting difference of that age. Nevertheless, I felt ferociously angry on seeing that statement. "Trigger Warnings" surely are things that one puts on content because the mere thought of what is warned for is supposed to provoke PTSD. That's what warnings are for, is it not?


I am still having sex.

Which leaves me in something of a dilemma. I am told, according to the best social justice theory going, that this makes me -- dread word -- "problematic".

Which is where we come on to the life and death of Helen Bailey.

Whom no-one came to help, because she was over 50 and therefore her sex life must be considered "problematic". The fact she was in the hands of a psychopath by then was exactly what she deserved for wanting to have a sex life after 50 in the first place. At least, when it comes to the opinions of people who assume over-55 sex needs a trigger warning.

The sheer waves of suicidal ideation which rise up ever time I think about "Frankly, I warn for 'Old People Sex' if the parties are over 55 or so" are so hard to combat, one might really welcome a serial killer, know what I mean? Bit of attention, at least.

Of course, wanting attention is terribly problematic. And requires a trigger wanrning.

(no subject)

Feb. 25th, 2017 02:45 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] saintonge

Another thing I do

Feb. 25th, 2017 03:32 pm
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In a little while I'll be going to synagogue to welcome a new baby into our community. We were asked to bring food or snacks, so right now I'm sitting in Dottie's Donuts, an excellent shop that opened here last year. I was going to get a dozen, but the price was too much, so I've bought an assortment of eight -- their flavors of the day -- plus a vanilla blueberry scone thingy to eat on the spot. YUM!

While munching, I wandered around and looked at the neighborhood announcements and ads hanging on the wall. About half of the batches were out of date, one as old as December. So I took those down and handed them to the counter man, saying "These are all out of date. Now it'll be easier to see the current ones." He looked mildly surprised and thanked me.

Every little bit helps.

(no subject)

Feb. 25th, 2017 12:12 pm
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I have had a frelling horrendous week. Just one thing after another. And then last night I was going through my f-list/dwircle for the first time in WEEKS, and stumbled across this video post by [personal profile] selenak, which made me all sniffly. It's about the anti-Nazi WhIte Rose non-violent protest movement in Nazi Germany, which ended up with 3 idealistic university students being executed for the high-crime of distributing anti-regime pamphlets. I'm not kiddingor exaggerating. It's not actually a depressing video, just a sad one, if you get the distinction.

Anyway, I am utterly determined that today I will answer the comments people left me weeks ago, because it's Saturday and I have nothing else to do. Well, I have to take a bath, clean the litter box, get groceries (I have very little food in the house) and take the garbage out, but I don't have to go back to work until Monday, so yay me!
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Early in the year, I vowed (or heavily implied) that I would read only books that, at the end of the year, I'd be glad to have read. Then I got sick, and I guess inasmuch as I'm now glad I've read anything at all that vow is still in force.

Plans of the best-laid varietals.

Here are the top 11 book recommendations I received )


I’ve been listening to the recent Shirley Jackson biography, A Rather Haunted Life by Ruth Franklin, using my local library’s Hoopla subscription. It's grand to have effortless access to such a recent audiobook. This doesn't quite count as reading the book since I use it to fall asleep and so have dreamed through many months of Jackson's life. I know the skeleton of her story well enough to be able to pick up wherever I start in again, at least so far. I'm having a little trouble with the voice of the reader; she seems skilled, but a bit mechanical. That could be my brain fog, though.

Books of the paper variety

After Loving, I finished another of the three Henry Green novels in the collection, Party Going. (They are very short novels.) The Howards End re-read is finished in time for book group, but I may not actually go, depending on my health by Sunday. Last time my most insightful contribution was a sporadic hacking cough.

Next, I went on a bit of an Alan Garner bender, reading Red Shift, The Owl Service, and Thursbitch, all of which I liked – probably Red Shift most. It was the most difficult, and had I not already listened to the Backlisted conversation about the book, I would have had quite a lot more work to untangle the threads.

The three books are all roughly the same kind of spell of deep time and sentient landscape (a term I've just learnt by reading reviews), but each through a different myth.

Some spoilers for Red Shift and Owl Service )

I did have a go at puzzling out the message at the end of Red Shift, and by rights should have got it, since I could see what the first sentence had to be and I had the cipher block, but somehow I became hopelessly muddled. I love puzzles, and books that are puzzles, but I am not that perfect reader who actually works the whole business out. I do, though, enjoy a Mystery as much as a Puzzle, so that’s all right.



I don't think I get to use "equivalenced" as a transitive verb, but I wish I could.

Here's a link to some discussions of / with Garner. I have not listened to them yet.

Unlinked References

Butler, Catherine (as Charles). “Alan Garner's Red Shift and the Shifting Ballad of ‘Tam Lin’”. Children's Literature Association Quarterly. Volume 26, Number 2, Summer 2001. Web.

(I am delighted to discover Catherine Butler whilst down this rabbit hole.)
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Okay, how to word this delicately... I've heard of antidepressants competely removing one's desire to *ahem* play with fireworks, but my Effexor buddy and I have discovered another, possibly worse variant: you still kinda wanna *cough* play with fireworks sometimes, but all the powder is gone.

...All right, screw it, we're all adults here and I'm still pissed about it. I had some alone time yesterday. Two hours and a full pack of AA batteries later, all I got was numb junk, a sore arm, and a slow back-burner rage that comes from two hours of "oh, come on, it's RIGHT THERE!!!" Lots of firecrackers were lit, but there was no bang. I bitched to my Effexor buddy (who's recently added Welbutrin to the family) and her first response was "Oh thank God it's not just me." So I decided to ask my friend who's a sexology major / psych major. She'd never heard of any research done on this problem. So I'd like to give her some data to work with.

Anybody else? 

Sudden edit: I see that there's the existence of a side effect tag called Anorgasmia. Is that this thing, is that its name? How common is it? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!

Confusion of meaning

Feb. 25th, 2017 03:31 pm
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Something to do while waiting for your flight instead of browsing the duty-free?

Helsinki airport is decorated with stuffed hares and wolverine, and much of its rich animal life – beavers, lynx, bears – can be shot under a strict licence system.

Enquiring minds wish to know whether licences may be obtained in the departure lounge and whether guns may be hired there as well... though my own thought would be, and are these large predators any threat to travellers who just want to sit and have a drink and try to log on to the airport wifi?

Okay, that garbled sentence, in an article about wolf culling in Finland does follow on from this one: 'Finland has 300,000 amateur hunters, more than 5% of its population.'

But I would consider this serious punctuation fail, no? Do people not read over their text, and are there not editors?

Am somewhat reminded of my speculations about suburban foxhunts of suburban foxes, with concomittent suburban sabs.

Kouign-amann update!

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:13 am
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This is mostly for the St Louisans who read my blog, because I don’t imagine it will do anyone else much good.

I found a place in St Louis that sells kouign-amann!

That place is Nathaniel Reid Bakery.

Nathaniel Reid himself–who is a very personable young man, he was behind the counter when I was there this morning–is apparently an award winning pastry chef guy. The bakery sells all sorts of cakes and macrons and croissants and things, plus coffee (including espresso and such) and hot chocolate (made from actual chocolate and milk and cream, he told me, not any kind of powder or syrup), and tea but it’s the usual afterthought tea generally is. They also have sandwich-sandwiches, and a small space to sit and eat.

I would tell you how the kouign-amann is but I was diverted by the breakfast sandwiches, which mine was even more delicious than it looked or sounded. It was also filling, so that box with the kouign-amann in it will have to wait a bit. But this is an excellent development!

Huge thanks to Anna Schwind for the heads-up on this!

Mirrored from Ann Leckie.


Feb. 25th, 2017 06:48 am
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I've been cranky and unreasonable lately (sorry), and am going to take a couple days off line. Back Monday or Tuesday.

Here's a picture of the U.S.S. Nimitz.Read more... )

Plan for the day: plan for the week.

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:38 am
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I woke up early enough today to watch the sun burning off some thick fog right now. It is a lovely, lovely feeling to wake up early and super rested and just lie in bed, feeling happy! This week has been busy but really quite good. [ profile] oliviacirce is coming to hang out at my apartment for the first time in the nearly two and a half (!!) years I've lived here. I have a new fern (I really like ferns) and can repot my poor spider plant that's gotten way too big for its pot as soon as I'm sure I have enough new soil. I've had two 10K-plus walking days in a row. I had an amazing massage from a former construction worker who's not only great at massage but has that dry, nerdy geek humor (we got along at once!). I kind of accidentally bought some real expensive shoes that I'm wildly going back and forth on. (I worry that my general "bombshell" curviness, calves included, is at odds with how delicate they make my feet look. But like!! They're Fryes, and I could probably wear them forever! And I'm sure they look great from outside my own head, you know?) I finished transcribing an interview that had been kind of torturing me since before Christmas. I'm feeling optimistic about so many things! Antidepressants work, friends! Three cheers for mood stabilizers!

One thing I wanted to put to you all: Anyone here have thoughts on IUDs? The nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood recommended I think about getting one in a few months. Yea? Nay? I feel like I've heard several of you rave happily about them. I'm mostly looking in the context of mood swings, to be honest, since my worst moments tend to happen in the week before my period hits.

Some links:
  • My links! Things I’m Verbing: Rebel librarians, CEO presidents and lost boys who need to wander back, as always, includes things that will make you smile as well as shake your head.
  • Broadly, Vice's women's site, wins for headline of the week: "Study: Straight Women Are Having Fewer Orgasms Because of Their Useless Partners." Speak that truth!
  • You know how aggressively bored I am by dudeslash, but this writeup of Jewish gangsters and Meyer Lansky in particular suddenly has me wanting epic stories of gangsters in love: So a Nazi Walks Into an Iron Bar.
  • Oh, it's so beautiful

    Feb. 25th, 2017 12:57 pm
    rydra_wong: The display board of a train reads "this train is fucked". (this train is fucked)
    [personal profile] rydra_wong
    Via [personal profile] robynbender: it seems that Milo Yiannopoulos was brought down by a 16-year-old girl who knows how to Google.

    Apparently we are living in a YA dystopian novel, and I for one welcome our new teenage girl leaders.

    (no subject)

    Feb. 25th, 2017 11:25 am
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    [personal profile] oursin
    Happy birthday, [personal profile] brigid, [personal profile] choirwoman, [personal profile] tigerflower and [personal profile] toft!

    I visit my property

    Feb. 25th, 2017 10:21 am
    the_comfortable_courtesan: image of a fan c. 1810 (Default)
    [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan

    I am unable to come about any conclave with Lady D-, that will sit with little Arthur among a deal of ladies that convey maternal advice &C and not be drawn into anything concerning philanthropick matters.

    I take opportunity to enquire of Agnes S- is there some reason for this strange reserve in her sister towards me. She says sure puzzles her: perchance 'tis because you favour Mr L-'s suit and are consider’d somewhat in the light of a patron to him? But 'tis somewhat childish, if so. Have you not ever stood quite the greatest of friends to her? Have you not guid’d her steps thro’ the curious ways of philanthropick ladies? Did you not show most extreme generous of spirit after Lord D- behav’d so ill at your soirée? Sure shows in very poor ton.

    Why, says I, I will not make myself particular by running after her. But you might go about to discover does she intend return to her excellent work in philanthropick causes, might you do so discreet.

    Agnes S- sighs and says, she was never us’d to be this tiresome. 'Tis very unlike Dora.

    We look down from the ornamental bridge at the pretty little cygnets. I do not say to Agnes S- that the change in her sister is like unto that from a pretty downy little cygnet to a nasty grown hissing swan. And indeed, 'tis not a general line of conduct in her, for she will show a pretty deference to the opinions of experienc’d mothers.

    Sophy tells me that Copping says that Lord D- shows a very admirable forbearance towards Lady D- at this time; but that Copping does not think that Lady D- shows a due appreciation and gratitude for it. Tho’ at least she does show extreme doating towards the babe.

    'Tis about what I have come to apprehend.

    I will leave it be the while: perchance 'twill all come sort itself out without I have to take it in hand.

    But comes the time when the party is to break up and I still have not come at any rencontre with Lady D-. I mind that 'tis likely that she will be among the guests at C- Castle when I am there and I may find occasion then.

    However, at present I am bound for my property: will stay a few nights in the exceeding comfortable and clean inn where I stay’d last year, take the opportunity to have the agent show me over the house, so that I may more effective go cry it up to those that might desire take it as a hunting box (I daresay one might go advertize, but one knows not who that might bring), inspect the dispensary and the dame school that Mr R-'s wife has set up, view the fine new steam-pump &C, and convoke with Mr M- more generally about matters. I have also give instructions to provide a feast for the whole of the community that resides within the parish, and there will be a roast’d ox.

    I have been very kindly invit’d to go stay with the M-s, most exceeding civil of 'em, but I had far rather stay at an inn where of an e’en after dinner I may write a little upon my novel, that I come about to see some end to. Also I am like to think 'twould put that excellent woman Mrs M- in somewhat of a fret to be oblig’d to accommodate me along with Sophy. But I have said I will go take tea with her.

    So Sophy and I sit exceeding comfortable in our private parlour, and I sit scribbling at my traveling desk, and she undertakes a little mending, and 'tis entire agreeable.

    The morn comes the agent call for me so that we may go look over the house, and I take Sophy with me so that I shall be attend’d as befits my station.

    'Tis a pleasing enough small house I find, but indeed one could not go hold grand house-parties there, and 'tis by no means in the fine modern way of things like unto my Surrey property. (Sophy indeed wrinkles her nose somewhat, I hope she does not become spoilt with all this grand living.) 'Twould do, I daresay, for bachelor parties that would be out all day shooting or hunting. Or one that desir’d be a hermit, for there is not a deal of society in the district. 'Tis, however, all in very good order, and I commend the agent.

    (I wonder might one go about improvements with indoor accommodations, a fine range in the kitchen &C: but sure I should not go be extravagant.)

    I then take the agent back to his offices, and have Ajax take me to Mr M-'s so that we may convoke on mine-business. 'Tis all, I find, most extreme satisfactory, the steam-pump answers extremely, the various matters of the smelting works have been got in hand; and he finds it most gratifying that Mr K- would desire enter into some arrangement.

    I say that is there no other matter we need discourse of, I will go visit the dispensary and then come take tea with Mrs M- (sure I can smell that she goes bake some fine lardy-cake).

    He says, that indeed, now there is one will authorize necessary works so expeditious, and they have such fine fellows as Mr D- and Mr F- to call upon for any advice, sure all goes exceeding merryly.

    'Tis very agreeable to hear, and I am also most extreme prepossesst by how Mr R- conducts the dispensary. I look over the register of cases he keeps and his accounts and the record of the deliberations of the committee, all very well-kept. His wife is about her dame-school, but I peep in to the chamber in which she holds this, and 'tis entire orderly and the children are learning rather than being merely kept from mischief out o’doors.

    I mention to her Miss N-'s notion of little rhymes that will introduce matters of letters and numbers to infant minds and she says, o, what a very fine idea, would greatly desire correspond upon the matter. And, she does not wish presume, but there are matters of slates and slate-pencils… Why, says I, sure you require the tools necessary just as Mr R- requires lancets and scalpels.

    She smiles and says, she also goes hold evening-classes for those of greater age that wish to learn.

    'Tis all most commendable, says I, you do not find it tires you? – for I perceive she goes increase.

    Why, she says, there is such interest in the matter that does not tire me – perchance later – she glances down – but 'tis a matter one may sit to.

    I say that I wonder, is there such a wish for learning in the place, one might set up a reading-room?

    Oh, she cries, 'twould be the finest thing! but, Your Ladyship, do I not go back into the classroom there will be uproar I fear.

    Most like! says I. Perchance we may talk further of this?

    Indeed, she says, she has been invit’d come take tea by Mrs M-, and confides that there are other ladies might favour such a plan.

    I go back into the dispensary, and Mr R- discloses that he thinks 'twould answer to take an apprentice, and I say does he think so, should be about the matter.

    Next Mr M- and Mr McA- go show me from a prudent distance the steam-pump, and the smelting works that does indeed have a most extreme tall chimney, and I am able to make suitable remarks from having talkt with Josiah and Mr D- upon the matter.

    Then I go take tea with Mrs M- and the other ladies of the middling sort in these parts, and there is a little shyness that I confide I break by consuming Mrs M-‘s lardy-cake with great relish and licking my fingers after, and I open the matter of a reading-room and there is a deal of interest. They overcome their timidity so far as to ask me about Town fashions and various matters of gossip that have very much after the fact come to their ears.

    The next day is set aside for the feast. Most fortunately, 'tis a fine day, and tables are laid out upon the village green, where the ox is already roasting and a deal of other matters are in preparation. There is a band. There is beer and also cider, tho’ I do not think the latter is as fine as Sir C- F-'s.

    When all are come, there is a group of little girls that come sing to me and one that presents me a nosegay. 'Tis entire charming. I say a few words in which I convey, I hope, that any at all may direct themselves to me is there any matter they would wish disclose, and then I desire the parson to say grace - I confide that 'tis diplomatick to do so, even tho’ there are a deal of Methodists in the place. I have give the parson somewhat towards charitable purposes in the parish, but have also done the like to the minister at the chapel.

    There is a fine deal of eating and drinking, and some singing.

    I have desir’d Ajax and Sophy to join in this revel do they so desire. I look down the tables and see Ajax yarning to a group of fellows. When the meal draws to a close, the younger folk take to dancing, the band playing suitable melodies. I observe that there are several young fellows stand and gaze upon Sophy and go nudge one another, to see if one dares go ask her to dance.

    One that is bolder than the rest goes approach her, and she concedes to join him in a boisterous country dance, after which she is in entire demand in that set, for she dances exceeding lively. I daresay she might wish stay, but indeed, we must take our leave, for I am like to think my presence may somewhat constrain the revelry.

    Sophy is quite panting when we get into the carriage – for country fellows, she says, they are no bad dancers.

    (I wonder would Docket approve of this, but 'tis agreeable to see Sophy enjoying herself.)

    Eating update

    Feb. 25th, 2017 12:42 am
    fairestcat: Dreadful the cat (Default)
    [personal profile] fairestcat
    Keeping track more for myself than anything else, but all updates like this will be behind a cut.

    yay, food )
    fairestcat: a close up of a blonde woman.  Someone is pointing a gun at her and she looks entirely unimpressed (Badass Carol)
    [personal profile] fairestcat
    We got to this week's comics a bit earlier, which I'm very glad for. When I was all brain-foggy, reading comics with Elizabeth was the only way I found the energy to get them read at all. Now, I was champing at the bit to read them and waiting until Elizabeth could come over was a great frustration!

    Still worth it though. I love having an in-person friend to discuss comics with. Especially one who's been reading comics so much longer than I have. And by so much longer, I mean, since 1963. Don't tell me women reading comics is a new phenomenon!

    This week's comics: Inhumans vs. X-Men #5, Hulk #3, Spider-Woman #16, Elektra #1, Infamous Iron Man #5, Occupy Avengers #4, Spider-Gwen #17, Mighty Captain Marvel #2 and The Old Guard #1.

    Lots of good books this week, but my highlights were definitely Infamous Iron Man and Hulk.

    once again almost all Marvel )

    Hey, only 2000 words this week! I'm getting better!

    Reign 4x03

    Feb. 25th, 2017 11:50 am
    scaramouche: Door knocker from Labyrinth (labyrinth knocker)
    [personal profile] scaramouche
    Although there were various bits in this episode that made me writhe in agony, that single scene between Mary and Margaret Douglas made up. For. EVERYTHING.

    One of the show's greatest strengths is in finding actors who give their all. It's not a subtle show (though it has a great deal of subtlety going on as well, it's not mainly a subtle show) and I do believe that in certain actors' hands the camp and scenery chewing would be interminable instead of engrossing. Is the show ridiculous and goes on at breakneck pace? Yes. But if you buy it at all, it's because of the actors who are selling it.

    We're only three eps in and I want to call Nola Augustson as MVP. We've had minor recurring characters come and go, many of them memorable, but Nola as Margaret Douglas is an absolute gem, and (I think this is key) very different in her delivery from the other matriarchs Megan Follows as Catherine and Amy Brenneman as Marie.

    Margaret Douglas's introductory scene had her playing demure and soft before Elizabeth, which I wasn't sure what to make of, only for a later more candid scene to show her cleverness BUT with that same knife-like softness, and I went OOOOO. She's been in all three episodes so far and nailed it in every one -- this is a clever woman who has had terrible things done to her and has relatively little power to her name (compared to Catherine de' Medici and Marie de Guise) but she's cut from the same political cloth as Elizabeth and Henry VIII, and it's fantastic.

    "I, too, was Elizabeth's honoured guest."

    Said from Margaret to Mary, while they're talking about Elizabeth. I reckon that line doesn't have the same impact without context, but goodness gracious I had the shivers, and the delivery was SPOT ON. It isn't pain that makes Margaret smile when she says that.

    A very important poll

    Feb. 24th, 2017 09:25 pm
    fairestcat: Dreadful the cat (Default)
    [personal profile] fairestcat
    For science!

    Is this the most ridiculous photo ever taken of my cat:


    Is this the most ridiculous photo ever taken of my cat:

    Poll #18033 Measuring Dreadful's ridiculousness
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    Which is the most ridiculous photo of Dreadful

    View Answers

    Dreadful's big yawn
    29 (58.0%)

    Dreadful's glitterball nomming
    8 (16.0%)

    Oh, god, oh, god, don't make me choose!
    12 (24.0%)

    I am immune to cat pictures
    1 (2.0%)

    sophia_sol: drawing of Combeferre, smiling and holding up a finger like he's about to explain something (Default)
    [personal profile] sophia_sol
    An interesting book, though not quite what I was expecting it to be! I put a hold on the ebook at my library on a whim, based on nothing more than the cover and title which I saw when browsing Overdrive. I was expecting something more in the line of a memoir/autobiography. What this book actually is: a collection of writings from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg over the years, with bits of introductory material contextualizing the pieces.

    So it was still very interesting, even if not what I was expecting. It's much more about US law than it is about Ginsburg herself. So I now know a lot more about how the Supreme Court works. Ginsburg comes across very well in this book though - intelligent, articulate, caring. (Also she's REALLY REALLY SHORT oh my gosh, those pictures at the end, she is always by far the smallest person in any given photograph.)

    The last section of the book shares a number of her recent dissents, which is a rather depressing note to end on. She argues forcefully for what I would agree is the correct decision on issues like women's reproductive rights, and it's so sad to know that these pieces are the dissent and not the opinion of the court.

    It was weird to read her praise of Scalia throughout the book. He's the Justice she refers to most often, and it seems she genuinely liked him as a person. It feels weird to hold that knowledge alongside the knowledge that he vociferously fought for the exact opposite side on a lot of issues she clearly thinks are of dire importance in the lives of many people. I don't know if I could be friends with someone who so actively worked for so much of what I would consider to be harm in the world as Scalia did.

    It's also depressing to read this book in the context of knowing that Scalia's seat is gonna be filled by a Donald Trump nominee. Auuuggghhhhhhhhhh. I just hope he doesn't get the chance to replace any other Justices as well. Ginsburg seems to be in good health for an 83 year old and I HOPE SHE STAYS THAT WAY. FOR AS MANY YEARS AS NECESSARY.
    [syndicated profile] lois_mcmaster_bujold_feed
    Don Blyly, the owner of Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore here in Minneapolis, just drove out with two cartons of the new hardcover of "Penric and the Shaman" for me to sign. So signed copies of the regular edition of the book are in and available for mail-order at the store.

    (If people want personalizations, note that it'll be a while till I get over there again.)

    In addition, I will be doing an in-store signing on Saturday, March 18th, from 1 PM - 2 PM.

    Also tentatively on the schedule for March is an appearance at Dreamhaven Books & Comics on the evening of Wednesday, March 15th, as part of the Speculations reading series. More on this as it solidifies.

    Ta, L.

    posted by Lois McMaster Bujold on February, 24
    [syndicated profile] sociological_images_feed

    Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

    Flashback Friday.

    Bewildered by Nazi soldiers’ willingness to perpetuate the horrors of World War II, Stanley Milgram set out to test the extent to which average people would do harm if instructed by an authority figure. In what would end up being one of the most famous studies in the history of social psychology, the experimenter would instruct study subjects to submit a heard, but unseen stranger (who was reputed to have a heart condition) to a series of increasingly strong electric shocks. The unseen stranger (actually a tape recording) would yelp and cry and scream and beg… and eventually be silent. If the study subject expressed a desire to quit administering the shocks, the experimenter would prod four times:

    1. Please continue.
    2. The experiment requires that you continue.
    3. It is absolutely essential that you continue.
    4. You have no other choice, you must go on.

    If, after four prods, the subject still refused to administer the shock, the experiment was over.

    In his initial study, though all participants at some point required prodding, 65 percent of people (26 out of 40) continued to submit the stranger to electric shocks all the way up to (a fake) 450-volts, a dose that was identified as fatal and was administered after the screaming turned to silence. You can watch a BBC replication of the studies.

    In any case, Gwen and I were so excited to see the original recruitment flier for the experiment pop up on BoingBoing!   Way cool for the sociology nerds of the world!

    Originally posted in August 2010.

    Lisa Wade, PhD is a professor at Occidental College. She is the author of American Hookup, a book about college sexual culture, and a textbook about gender. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    (View original at

    The advancing attack on democracy

    Feb. 24th, 2017 03:29 pm
    thnidu: 13 horizontal stripes, blue and white; 50 stars in the same layout as US flag, red on white and white on blue. By me. (Glory Variation #1)
    [personal profile] thnidu
    From Daily Kos. H/t John Davis.

    Bannon Admits Trump's Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies.
    Feb 23, 2017 4:27pm EST

    At CPAC today Stephen Bannon, the Chief Advisor and intellectual heft behind the Twittering infant that sits in the Oval Office, provided a little glimpse of the future he has planned for all of us.

    In the clearest explanation for why nearly all of Trump’s cabinet choices are known mostly for despising and attacking the very Federal agencies they’ve been designated to lead, Bannon explained—in very clear language--that they weren't appointed to lead these agencies, but to destroy them:

    Atop Trump’s agenda, Bannon said, was the “deconstruction of the administrative state” — meaning a system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that the president and his advisers believe stymie economic growth and infringe upon one’s sovereignty.

    “If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction,” Bannon said. He posited that Trump’s announcement withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership was “one of the most pivotal moments in modern American history.”

    Hold your nose and read more )

    Click headline for story.

    (Edited 2017.02.24, 17:00 EST = UTC-T, to link CPAC, add new tag and change title.
    And again at 18:11. This is not the destruction of democracy if we defend it!)

    (no subject)

    Feb. 24th, 2017 11:54 am
    pantryslut: (Default)
    [personal profile] pantryslut
    I just did a quick read of Girl Trouble, an "illustrated memoir" of female friendships by Kerry Cohen illustrated by her older sister, Tyler. It's really good. It's got me thinking about my own friendships, or sometimes lack thereof. I think [ profile] debbieann in particular would enjoy this book.

    Friday Story

    Feb. 24th, 2017 11:41 am
    radiantfracture: (writing)
    [personal profile] radiantfracture
    You can hear everything that crosses the roof of the Beautiful Shed, including squirrels, cats, rain, raccoons, and hail. My sleep was thin last night; I think I heard each in turn and in combination. I definitely heard the hail sometime in the small hours. Therefore, here is another bit of a story about the cold, since it is on my mind.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    No particular title )

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Mostly I was wishing for the lyricism of a recent post of [personal profile] aldersprig's.

    oursin: Photograph of a statue of Hygeia, goddess of health (Hygeia)
    [personal profile] oursin

    (Guess what, it's all more complicated.)

    I was at a meeting at former workplace this pm because just because I am no longer professionally associated with [particular archive], I am still widely considered A Nexpert in the matter.

    So anyway, I was at this meeting, and something set me thinking about the Broad Street Pump.

    And how this gets boiled down into a metaphor about removing the handle of the pump as being the dramatic and appropriate action to stop [Bad Thing].

    Incidentally we note from that account that John Snow did not himself go and dramatically wrench the handle off the pump but pursued proper channels, take that, mavericks!

    But what it's actually about is:

    a) meticulous gathering and mapping of data to identify the problem.

    b) beyond the emergency intervention: how about we do something to prevent cholera getting into the water-supply, huh?

    But people do love the dramatic iconic story. And while I doubt John Snow is exactly a household name, we do note that he gets a pub named after him, as well as there being memorials to the pump itself. Whereas Sir Joseph Bazalgette, who did a whole lot more to provide sanitation for London, doesn't, though he does have a memorial on the Victoria Embankment.

    Keep Moving

    Feb. 24th, 2017 04:30 pm
    [syndicated profile] advancedstyle_feed

    Posted by Ari Seth Cohen

    I met Doris outside one of my favorite cafes in Chelsea. I was first drawn to her colorful accessories and gorgeous smile. When I asked if I could take her photograph she proudly announced that she was 87 and that she was just coming from the gym. Check out the video below to see some of Doris’ secrets to aging with vitality.

    The post Keep Moving appeared first on Advanced Style.

    Post-show treasure hunt results

    Feb. 24th, 2017 09:59 am
    james_davis_nicoll: (Default)
    [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll
    Two quarters, an eerie glass disk and a Kleenex that might have been rolled in a shoggoth.

    Someone else found the underwire from a bra but I don't think it was near where I found my trove of artifacts. I feel confident nobody was removed from this space-time continuum while trying to harness forces beyond their ken, leaving behind only a few bits of flotsam to indicate they ever existed.

    Project Runway Junior

    Feb. 24th, 2017 08:49 am
    havocthecat: river tam wants to know what's going on (firefly river curiosity)
    [personal profile] havocthecat
    Still my favorite Project Runway ever, because I love seeing teenagers learning about fashion design, and I love, love, love seeing Tim Gunn acting as a mentor to people who still need to learn from him. That's when you can tell he came into this from being a teacher, and I bet he was such a good one too. He's so good with these kids. They've been blossoming on the show, which is just delightful to watch.

    I'm watching the finale and he's meeting the families of the teenagers who are in the finale. It's like a parent/teacher conference, and it's adorable.

    It's so much nicer to watch Project Runway Junior than it is to watch the regular Project Runway or the All-Stars show. Even the one episode of Junior that had drama, it was over within an episode, and they had Tim Gunn mediating with both of them. How is it that teenagers have less drama than the adults?


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