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Though I do presently have the flu. Which probably means a few posts in the next couple of days.

At the moment I'm researching the best way to get the dog (Oh, heck, um, hi, everyone, we got a dog! This is Bogart!)

Bogart hoodie
Bogart Hyperbole

Anyway, that's where I've been. Glued to a dog who's had a stressful start in life and is still half-convinced he's going to be taken away from us and moved to another shelter cage at any moment. It's a lot.

So. Researching ways to get Bogart out west with me when I next go to see Mom. If that seems the best option — like a lot of rescues he's anxious, and he bonded to me first, so the question is is he best without me but with the family or with me for the long visit but crated for the trip.

Most dog-owners I've asked about flying with dogs too big for the cabin have said, basically, "well, if it's your ONLY choice ..." and that has been consistent across many people who don't know each other, so.

Via Rail allows dogs on the Canadian, under certain conditions.

A test-run seems indicated once he's doing better with the crate thing.

Do I have any friends in Toronto or Montreal who would enjoy having me and a 40lb dog to visit for probably two nights? He is good with kids and adults and possibly TOO fond of cats — he tries to bring them his toys.

He is *great* with other dogs and that's not me being fond - he continually surprises me by his diplomacy and capacity to get shy or tiny dogs to play with him. He was in the system for a year before he got to us (and a stray dumped in the Everglades before that) and so finds the human environment puzzling quite often - stairs and leashes took a fair bit of explaining - but it turns out he has vast experience in group dog situations and is a joy to walk off-leash.

He's not as good about distinguishing toys from not-toys, but I stay on top of him fairly well and would likely keep him out for most of the days anyway.
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