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Christmas was quiet and fairly good, except that over the course of the afternoon it became obvious that I have a FILTHY cold.

I am now lying resentfully in bed drinking mint tea I cannot taste and being grumpy about missing Christmas II: This Time Someone Else Is Cooking with the inlaws and feeling guilty because I cannot help with getting Bogart his required amount of outdoors time when it is -20 and I have a fever. At least I can get him dressed for walks, which as I am The One Who Can Get His Boots On is quite useful.

I feel too crap to want to a) watch Dr Who or b) check out Yuletide, which is to say, very crap indeed.

But I have an electric blanket and a snoring dog and the awesome [personal profile] fairestcat made me tea and is heroically dealing with the dishes from last night's Roast Beast and trimmings.

Also I had allsorts and winegums for Boxing Day breakfast, washed down with Tylenol Sinus Cold and Flu.
I am happy with this choice.
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