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So I did get the mixed tape and I like it a lot. Like, so very very much. It's comfortable, it's light, it's got a delightful range of gears. It's excellent in town and I think I'm going to like it for touring - Ian and I did one long ride last year and it was brilliant.

As it's bike season again, and some of you may be shopping, I feel compelled to note that it's still available, women's/step-through frame only, in size Large only, $595.00 CDN, free delivery in Canada, the usual amazing MEC service and warranty.

The large is perfect for me — I take a 33" or 34" inseam and have a shortish torso, and this bike fits me like a dream.

Ah, what a sweet bike.

Date: 2017-04-19 11:53 pm (UTC)
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That looks like a dream to ride! Did you add fenders?

(In a much earlier life I was a bike mechanic, and I'm so delighted by the quality and design of Bikes These Days.)


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