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Is that when reading on a tablet one may easily look slightly puzzling things up as curiosity strikes, rather than being entirely dependent on working them out from whatever context is available.

I do not say that I have lost anything much over the last thirty years by supposing, from time to time and while reading novels set in the UK, that The Pink 'Un was a periodical concerned with the raising and marketing of pigs, which I worked out contained also, perhaps, humourous essays and some cartoons, but I am pleased to report that I am now, at least on this minor point, Enlightened, even as I gently mourn my innocent, imaginary monthly porcine publication, and the cheery cover illustrations I had mentally provided it with.
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So we just had to deal with a case of [thing which gives me a serious case of the squicky twitching meemies].

As it happens, I am aware that this thing also gives about half of you folks the squicky twitching meemies.

Therefore. Please make nonspecific soothing noises at me?

(I feel like I shouldn't even have to say this but if you comment trying to guess what it was, I'm going to assume you don't value your commenting privileges.)
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I realised tonight that I have, basically, been in pain for twenty years.

I have all sorts of thoughts about this, but I'm too sore, tired, medicated, and angry to make anything coherent out of them

ETA: But, in a nutshell — probably a hideously non-ergonomic nutshell with no padding for my hip — people in chronic pain need, basically, doulas.
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A couch.
A power cord.
Cider and beer.
The promise of burrito delivery.
Two of my spouses.
A tortiseshell cat.

My life. So hard.
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So, an unexploded shell of indeterminate age has been removed from a house in Toronto and taken to CFB Borden to be destroyed.

Noting that all has ended well and everybody is fine, so I can afford to be trivial:

A man who had just bought a home on the street discovered the shell in the house's garage

I think that the homeowner would be well within his rights to request that the fee for the customary pre-purchase home inspection be refunded in full. I mean, unless he waived inspection, which would be very unusual, or it's on page 12: "Garage — foundation good, roof in need of repair, unexploded ordnance behind workbench" and the purchaser just didn't read the whole thing.
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My left foot hurts, in some hard-to-pin down fashion which is, nevertheless, slowly getting worse.

My experience of trying to figure out what's wrong with feet suggests that the process is invariably long and frustrating and leads to a recommendation that you tape it up and rest it.

So I think I will just go with that, for now, but argh.

No medical advice, please. The odds of you being right are, frankly, very low, and I don't need more reasons to fret.
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I blame the weather, and camping at Bon Echo, and general busyness.

Firstly: [personal profile] graydon's book is out! and a copy may be acquired via that link.

Comments noting copyediting/proofing errors gratefully accepted. At least, I'll swear at myself, not at you.

Secondly, I shall be in Toronto from June 15-June 23. I will be visiting with [ profile] benet, and also going to see Flogging Molly, so, somewhat busy but also with lots of free time for shenanigans.

Suggestions for shenanigans may be sent by any of the usual channels.

Thirdly, I successfully rode twenty kilometres in one day last week, in fairly blistering heat, and am quite pleased with myself. I have also discovered that the Plant Pool, my local rec centre, has swim fins, the use of which is being exceeding good for my hip. I may see about purchasing some of my own.

Fourthly, [personal profile] fairestcat returns from Wisconsin today, which is delightful both because I miss her and because I need to get her twenty-two pound utterly attention-starved (Always. He gets no love. We don't even like him) cat off my lap:

Fifthly, very far from least even though last, [personal profile] metawidget and [ profile] rottenfruit have produced Ada Snow Hortop who I hope very soon to admire in person.
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[personal profile] theleaveswant reminds me that it is Bruce Cockburn's birthday.

Come, let us glory in his talent together:

Last Night of the World (lovely live version with good sound).

When it's Gone it's Gone (Audio only)

I don't know why I can't get the embedding code on the iPad, and I have to Do The Things and don't have time to chase it down, but if anyone grabs them for me I'll edit the post. *looks cute*

ETA: dep't of Be Careful What You Ask For — here is Bruce Cockburn, in Afghanistan, being presented with a rocket launcher.

Weirdly, this was the second time somebody tried to give him one. The first time was apparently from the trunk of a car at a show in Washington state. He declined politely.
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Done, dusted, tied up in a bow. Poked with a fork. Emailed to [personal profile] graydon with strict instructions to ignore me when I email him at 3am with ONE MORE THING.


Please feel free to provide Wild Rumpus and Shenanigans of a celebratory nature in comments. Pictures of sheep and pangolins particularly welcome.
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Rubbing a bit of antibiotic ointment - Polysporin or Neosporin or whatever - into your cuticles at night will give you shockingly healthy and attractive cuticles and nails. Works fast, too.
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So [personal profile] fairestcat is explaining comics canon to me again.

Me: So what I'm hearing is ... this is not Steve Rogers' first dinosaur rodeo.

[personal profile] fairestcat: Basically, yeah.


[personal profile] fairestcat: so, (tells me why Steve is riding a dinosaur)

Me: so, do you think he should be looking for (spoiler) with the (spoilers) or with the dinosaurs?

[personal profile] fairestcat The dinosaur is a one-off.

Me: So... it's an artisanal dinosaur.

[personal profile] fairestcat: Yes. Yes, it is.

Last Ditch

May. 20th, 2015 12:55 pm
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1) Maybe I'll just start doing DW posts titled "stuff I saw on Tumblr and have opinions about". Except you would all get together and pay someone to murder me.

2) I have cheerfully snaffled "Impediments to an otherwise delightful existence" from somewhere, probably The Toast, and find it an invaluable replacement for the somewhat dodgy "First World Problems." I should not take exception were others to do the same.

3) thanks to the fabulous [personal profile] lexin it is 1985 in this house, and will remain 1985 for some time.
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The Public Service Alliance of Canada (those nice folks who helped bring you the weekend, the long weekend, paid sick leave, paid parental leave, etc), also brought to Ottawa a free screening of Pride this afternoon.

So, after riding to Elgin Street and dropping in on The First Annual Majestic Family Fun Day: A Celebration of Family Diversity in Recognition of International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHTB) & Victoria Day for a bit, we rode down to the Mayfair and, in the company of many other people both willing and able to sing along with Solidarity Forever, watched a brilliantly acted, powerful, funny, defiantly unironic, shamelessly touching movie about urban queer kids in the UK in the 80s and the striking miners in Wales.

It was completely awesome, more due to than despite the fact that if it hadn't all happened pretty much exactly as the movie portrays it your suspension of disbelief would snap somewhere between the time Bronski Beat show up to play a benefit called Pits and Perverts and the point where the Miner's Union shows up en masse to march in the London Pride Parade in '85. (These days, unions - and everyone else - lines up to be in Pride Parades as a matter of community engagement/targeted marketing. Those days were not these days. This was three years before I began to come out, and five years before my first Pride, and even in 1990 in Toronto marching in the Pride parade involved equal chances of heatstroke and having to dodge small missiles.)

So, yeah, Pride. Go see it. it's awesome.

“You have worn our badge, ‘Coal not Dole’, and you know what harassment means, as we do. Now we will pin your badge on us; we will support you.
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I, loveable, furry old copyeditor, am the monster at the end of this novel.
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As soon as I get [personal profile] graydon's manuscript off —yes, [ profile] resonant and other Graydon fans, I am why you do not have nice things — I can FINALLY get down to deep-cleaning the kitchen.

The degree of enthusiasm this rouses in me is, frankly, worrying.

ETA; so I got back from heating up soup and Dreadful was lying on my keyboard, having shut my document and added a line of v's to another one. No harm done but can I get an "Oh, Kitten"?
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So apparently I am going to write about Omar Khadr and why every single day of his 13-year unlawful detainment is a shameful, ugly blot on the US and the Canadian governments. The shame and ugliness that belongs on the Taliban for sending him into combat can be stipulated, yes?

First of all: yes, he went into combat against US forces, and may have killed Christopher Speer. And that is awful. Nothing can make it not awful.

Secondly, when he did those things he was fifteen years old, three years too young to enlist in the military of any country which accepts current international laws and conventions relating to child soldiers, which includes both Canada and the US.

He was also three years too young to marry, vote, or be tried as an adult in a civilian court.

He was one year too young to apply for a driver's licence.

He was, simply, a child soldier, which is to say a child. He was also, and this is relevant to his situation, under his father's authority, which normally we would expect him to comply with.

We don't let children serve in combat not only because it is hideously unjust and damaging to them but for the same reason we — theoretically — don't try them in adult courts: they are not yet intellectually, emotionally, or morally stable and strong enough to accept the weight of responsibility an adult is expected to carry.

They are not fully responsible, in the legal sense, for their actions.

We get that argument backwards a LOT —

When we try children as adults, and send them to adult prisons.

and here I talk about child sexual abuse. If this thing is a trigger for you, you almost certainly already know what I'm going to say anyway )

And when we detain, imprison, torture, and isolate a fifteen-year old boy for having gone into combat at the direct order of his father.

We point with alarm and disgust at the awful thing they did and insist that anyone who could do such a vile thing ... must obviously be a mature, fully autonomous moral actor.

The argument doesn't actually hold together for a second; we only fall for it because it's repeated frequently and loudly with a ton of emotive words and a hefty side-order of "if you defend the person who did this hideous thing in any way you are saying you approve of what they did, without reservation."

It is actually remarkably easy to get children to do hideous, destructive, vicious, evil things, nearly as easy as it is to victimise them, because they are children.

They are impulsive, and don't necessarily grasp consequences.
They are inexperienced in moral reasoning, and still developing the capacity for it.
They fantasise and experiment with different roles and personas, and are not always reliable at distinguishing fact from fancy.
They are accustomed to being under authority, and their sense of self is often incomplete and shaky.

None of this is especially controversial, for God's sake. We take it into account quite automatically when we're making day-to-day decisions about children we're responsible for.

But somehow when it's about a fifteen-year-old obeying his father and going into combat, he's fully responsible for every last nuance of every identifiable consequence of his actions?

Omar Khadr was unlawfully and immorally thrust into combat at the age of fifteen, and deserved to be rescued and helped.

Instead, he has spent the last thirteen years being punished for it. Now he's free on bail while the US government decides whether or not to convict him of war crimes.

Damien Corsetti was one of the first people to deal with Kadhr after his capture:

... I'd like to clarify...I would like to say that I don't I don't know if he's a threat and I don't know because I haven't spoken to Omar Kadhr since 2002. And so I don't know what being in Guantanamo and in a Canadian federal prison has tends not to work wonders on most people, as far as their psyche and their beliefs. But my main issue with Khadr is not if he's radicalized, it's not did he do it. My issue with Omar Khadr is that it's a violation of international law to charge him for war crimes

ETA: it is particularly galling that the Conservatives and Republicans are trying to sell this as a "law and order" issue. That is the law, right there. He could be Satan incarnate and we would still be completely in the wrong here. They're violating the everloving Hell out of the law.

ETA 2: unlimited permission to link is granted. If the internet decides to come at me on this one the sword of the Lord and Gideon is going to get shoved somewhere tender and personal, that's what.

You know...

May. 8th, 2015 04:15 am
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I keep hearing about how us SJWs are The Enemies Of Fun.

But I have seen what the Usual Suspects get like when anyone who isn't a straight white cis male starts destroying the fabric of Western Society having fun, and man, I am just not at home to that argument, like, ever.
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And I am less ashamed than I have been in a long, long time.

Child soldiers are supposed to be rescued. Not tortured and held without trial.


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